The next Changing Times, Changing Worlds (CTCW) conference will be held on November 6th through 12th, 2023.

Out theme this year is:

Fate, Fortune, and the Universe at Play

Update 25-Mar–2023

Once again, the conference will be held entirely on-line, making use of the Zoom platform. There are several reasons we have decided not to hold an in-person conference this year, even though we had hoped to be able to.

One of the largest reasons is, as you might expect, is the continuing uncertainty regarding the pandemic. Many members of our community have expressed concern about the idea of attending a large indoor gathering. In honesty, members of the Planning Committee have expressed some of the same concerns.

Another issue is the availability of guests, Over the last couple of years, with the use of technology, we have been able to present guests who would not have been able to travel to the northeastern corner of the U.S. Meeting in person, although fun, would prevent some of those speakers from joining us.

One more factor that came into play was the financial aspect. In looking at available venues, and the costs associated with each, we’d need to charge $100 for the conference, while the hotel rooms (which included a meal plan) would have cost several hundred dollars for the length of the conference.

Knowing that many of our long-time attendees are on limited incomes, we felt that it was a painfully large total for less value that we would like to provide, with a good chance that some of them would feel they couldn’t afford it regardless of how good a value it might be.

Given all these factors, we came to the conclusion that we the only viable course of action this year is to host a virtual conference again.

The forms for speaker submissions, panel proposals, and registration will be going ‘live’ within the next couple of weeks.