You need to ask for help

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Asking for help is hard for some of us, but whether you need help from a person, or from the Universe, you need to actually ask for help if you need it. We are familiar with praying for help, but sometimes we don’t do it. We may not feel worthy of help, someone else needs it more, or sometimes we just don’t think of it, we don’t want to create a debt we can’t pay…. There are reasons we don’t ask for help, but we should make sure that the reasons are good, not simply ‘programmed’ by some training in our past that isn’t valid anymore.

Unless we are talking about little babies, most people are hesitant to step in and do something you may want to do for yourself, to ‘steal’ your autonomy. (Others are happy to do it and don’t even think about it.) Chances are that you would prefer to help yourself in most instances. But sometimes, even if you can manage whatever you are doing by yourself, it’s simply more efficient and effective to ask for help. There is no shame it recognizing that somethings will be done faster, or better with more than one working on it. Sometimes others have resources, tools, abilities, or information you don’t have (non-humans often are in this category). With humans there’s a lot of variation in how readily an individual will jump to help another, dictated by their personality and upbringing. It’s easier to know what to expect if you speak the same language, and share cultural expectations.

In metaphysics, there seems to be some mechanism in place to reduce interaction between “planes”. Over the years many of us have seen that gods, spirits, the Universe… whatever is out there, actually requires someone asking before they are able to give you the help you need. It seems to be a natural law that They (whoever they are) can’t intervene until we actually ask for help. Sometimes we can feel them waiting to jump in with a tweak to your luck, or the weather, or a psychic piece of information you need. But it doesn’t happen until you actually ASK. Let them help you.

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