I talk to my plants, (and yes, sometimes yell at them)

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Mostly I yell at the climbing rose that seems to want to send runners out into the garden where I want to put my feet, rather than up the perfectly wonderful trellis we for got her. I’ve tried pruning and tying, but she doesn’t cooperate, so I have been known to yell. In the large picture, I’m more often likely to thank plants for their help, or compliment them, or ask them for favors, but I should be honest about not getting along with all of them.

It’s been decades since scientists started studying what some of us (animists, and practical magick users) already knew, that talking to plants can help them grow. The Secret Life of Plants came out in 1973. Now they have learned that in their own ways, plants talk to each other. These days even “normal” people talk to their plant. It’s a popular science fair project because the results are so dramatic.

My daughter had a friend who named her houseplants after her friends. (My grandmother’s Christmas Cactus is named Fred.) As time passed, she noticed that when one of the plants started getting sick, the friend for whom it was named was having problems too. This is a standard trope in fairy tales, so it isn’t going to surprise those of us who read them. Quantum physics (as well as the Emerald Tablet) has shown that once two things are connected, whether they know it or not, they can become, in some ways, stand-ins for each other. So, in that situation, by caring for your plant, you can help your friend. You can do Reiki on a stuffed animal and have the healing go to the friend who needs it. This may be why people like to tend the graves of their beloved dead, since this care will somehow communicate itself to the ones they love who are beyond normal communication. This is energy transference, not just a sop for the one worrying about a sick loved one.

I’ve also been known to talk to animals, and “inanimate” objects. If you listen hard- with your spirit, not just your ears, you can often hear what they need to tell you. I was told once by a plant well know for healing, that it was going to become non-therapeutic because it was being over-harvested. This is not something I considered as something plants had under their control. Another point this brings up is that each plant has it’s own spirit, and there’s also a spirit of the species – St. Johnswort or Elder, you will probably be talking to the individual or the Oversoul depending upon toward which of them you direct your thoughts

I will comment that, in my experience, rocks live so slowly that it’s hard for me to hear them; I tend to be rather impatient. Rocks are patient, and willing to support things. I doubt when people put marks on rocks (for divination) they change the energy of the rock itself, however I think the rock is willing to carry the energy of the symbol. Shaping a rock doesn’t change who it is.

But I talk to my computer, my car, stuffed animals, even my food. Even places. It’s a fun game to reach out to the genius loci (the spirit of the place) as you travel and see if you can feel the difference from one town to another as you go through them. (It’s a lot easier to get to know them when you actually stay there for a while, but it works as a car game.) I believe that everything, living or not, has a spirit, and that means I’m an animist. What you believe may not matter, but what you do does. If you try, and learn how to, you can communicate with spirits, and that often gets them to cooperate with you. As a recent example of a genius loci, I feel that the outpouring of love when Notre Dame burned may have strengthened the protection around it, and I could feel the love from around the world during the fire, and in the week that followed, each day brought news of something else that had come through better than we’d expected, from the windows, to the organ to the bees kept on the roof.

Flames and smoke rise from Notre Dame cathedral as it burns in Paris, Monday, April 15, 2019. Massive plumes of yellow brown smoke is filling the air above Notre Dame Cathedral and ash is falling on tourists and others around the island that marks the center of Paris. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

The world I live in is as alive as I am, and I do try to communicate with as much of it as I can. As far as I know, while being an animist is associated with primitive cultures, it’s not associated with any particular religion, and I know folks from many religions who all subscribe to an animistic view of the world now- in the 21st century.

One of my favorite holidays is the Shinto Holiday for Broken Needles, on February 8th, in which women bring the needles that have broken during the year and place them to rest in blocks of tofu or jelly at a shrine, thanking them for their service. Other household tools are also shown gratitude at this and other ceremonies. How lovely to show respect for something with which you have worked to make your life better. We try to show respect for all the things in our lives. At the same time, this awareness of closeness and connection results in the familiarity that also is expressed in more casual interaction such as yelling at a recalcitrant plant.

Hari Kuyo- Broken Needles

How do you talk to the things around you? When you notices that you are talking to yourself, make a hole in your inner monologue, and address something with which you are interacting- your computer, your car, a tool, plant or animal, then listen for something that doesn’t sound like your typical inner voice. It’s “in your head”, but not saying things you would expect. You may discover that your monologue can become a dialogue.

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Number Symbolism in Tarot

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tarot-5sAre you a beginner, or an experienced reader who would like to deepen your understanding of the symbolism that make the Tarot such a wonderful tool for divination and spiritual practice?  Tune in on your computer Wednesday evening and listen. Call in if you like: 619-639-4606 between 8:05 an 8:50.

We hope you will join Tchipakkan and CTCW Speaker and vendor Kirsten Houseknecht on the New Normal: 8 pm Wednesday, 5-18-16, 8-9 p.m. edt.

Last week Kirsten called in when we were talking about tarot spreads, and I’ve asked her back to talk about how to understand what the numbers mean in the Tarot lower arcana. She will share her insights on finding numerical and other patterns in reading Tarot. If you missed last week the archive is here:

Kirsten HouseknectKirsten studied Tarot both formally, with teachers, and informally with self study for years. After researching the symbols and number meanings used in the original Tarot images of the “Rider Waite” deck, she finally moved past the difficulty of reading the minor arcana, and also found new ways to get overall answers from a spread.

Please call in with any stories or questions:  619-639-4606

To listen live: open a window on your computer to, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen. To listen later at your convenience, shows are archived by date on, and they’re (mostly) organized by date, topic and guest on .

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Workshop Spotlight: The Practical Empath

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The Practical Empath… Empathy 101 with Catherine CaneCatherine Kane

Psychic empathy (sensitivity to emotional vibrations) can be a blessing, overwhelming, or anything in between. Learn skills to survive/thrive as an empath, such as shielding, protecting your energy, grounding negative energy,  positive uses for empathy, interacting with empaths and much more. practical empath cover

Catherine is the  author of the book The Practical Empath, and if you are an empath, psychic (or both) and have often felt overwhelmed by the feelings of those around you, this may be one of the most useful workshops you can attend.

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Listen to our Speakers on the New Normal: Chris Kimball Wednesday!

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Please join Tchipakkan and Chris Kimball on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, 8-26-15, 8-9 p.m. est.
New to CTCW, but well known in the Connecticut Pagan Community, especially fans of CWPN Harvest Gathering, Chris Kimball will join Tchipakkan on the New Normal.
At the conference Chris will be presenting workshops on the heathen background to the Grimm fairy tales, how and why people can connect with the spirit of the forests, and the spirits that are even older than the gods. We will probably cover these subjects, and other topics as well.
Please call in with any stories or questions: 619-639-4606

ChrisKimballChristopher Kimball is a National Council of Geocosmic Research certified level 1 Astrologer, published fantasy author of “Battle Priest” and “Succession Wars” and has been a member of the Connecticut Pagan community for more than twenty-five years. Currently he is a Anglo-Saxon Heathen and lives a varied and geminian life, having fought in the SCA, learned equestrianism and fencing, white-water canoed the Pine River in Michigan, piloted a research vessel in the Atlantic, hiked the Grand Canyon and the lower Colorado River and grown up in the woods and fields of rural New England. Chris has also hiked the farms and undeveloped land of Connecticut for the better part of the last 50 years and has been the Hike Master for the CWPN’s hikes.

To listen live: open a window on your computer to, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen. To listen later at your convenience, shows are archived by date on here, and they’re organized by date, topic and guest on .

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Listen to Speakers on the New Normal: Maryalyce Merrit

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Please join Tchipakkan and Maryalyce on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, 9-2-15, 8-9 p.m. est.Cody and MaryAlyce

Maryalyce Merrit (Akasha’s Heart on fb) joins Tchipakkan this week on the podcast The New Normal. (Link to archived podcast click here)
When you get two such voraciously curious and enthusiastic practitioners as Tchipakkan and Maryalyce together, there’s no telling what we’ll talk about. We’ll probably mention her workshops at the con: Good Vibrations: healing with sound energy, Rock My world (about Crystals), Tea Therapy for Chackra Balancing, Angelic Allies, from there we may go on to talk about some upcoming classes she’s doing down at her healing center Akasha’s Journey in Wassaic NY Apple lore and Magick, The Wisdom of Crystal Skulls, Embracing your Path with Persephone, Honey Magick, Crafting Scrying Mirrors, Communicating with our Ancestors, even past lives,… and I’ve just turned her on to a new healing technique: Dynamind. We will just be having lots of fun.

Feel free to call in if you have any questions or comments on any of these topics (or if you think we might not get to the one you were hoping to hear about). 619-639-4606

“She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes”

Maryalyce (aka Akasha’s Heart) has been practicing witchcraft and the magickal arts since 1994.  She is an ordained minister, priestess, ritualist, writer, teacher, and healer.  She is a member of the Hands On Trade Association, is a Reiki Master Instructor and Practitioner, Advanced Level IET Practitioner, RúnValdr Master (Instructor and Practitioner), and teacher of such things like reading Tarot and Medicine Cards, Introduction to Wicca, Introduction to Witchcraft, Witch-Crafting (making magickal tools), How to Organize/Construct/Lead Rituals, and others.  With her passion for just about all things esoteric, metaphysical, astrological, and deeply spiritual, she decided to follow her soul’s journey to feed, educate, and empower the world community.

This empowerment may come in the form of oracle readings for seekers, healing sessions, healing circles, or Reiki instruction among others.  As a dog lover, she extends this healing to not only dogs, but other animals and familiars as well.  Maryalyce is an ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer, and she and her rescued dog, Cody, are a registered Delta Society Pet Partner therapy team.  Akasha’s Journey has evolved from the same passion for magickal living and crafting tools and items for people and their pets to assist them on their own journeys.  Part of Maryalyce’s dream is to make healing & learning how to heal accessible to the community and the people who truly desire it, and of course, the beautiful animals who cannot ask for it themselves.
The joy is in the journey.

Please call in with any stories or questions: 619-639-4606

To listen live: open a window on your computer to, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen. To listen later at your convenience, they’re organized by date, topic and guest on .

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