Lia Russ

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I am an Usui Reiki Master and Instructor, and a Shamanic Reiki Master, now completing my year long apprenticeship to become a Shamanic Reiki Instructor. I am a certified yoga instructor and will soon have a Creative Arts Therapy certificate.

In the 80’s I had a New Age Metaphysical store in Mamaroneck NY called “Enchanted Environments” where I led Crystal Awareness workshops, guided meditations, and created talismans for people.

I lectured at the American Dowsers Society in 2015 on Crystal Awareness and Vibrational Frequencies, and am currently writing an inspirational book called “Connecting the Dots”, on the lost arts of connecting with life, the universe, and ourselves.

I have a healing center In Dover Plains NY called “Walk a Sacred Path” ( where I practice the above, and a nutritional support blog for people with Gluten issues called (

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