Vendor Spotlight: Auntie Arwen’s Spices

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Auntie Arwen, known in the “real world” as Jane T. Sibley,  has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) ever since the first Pennsic held at Coopers’ Lake.  Actually, she joined right after Pennsic 5, which was in 1975.  She started out selling tag sale items at Pennsic, and then graduated to crystals, tumble stones, crystal balls, and suchlike at science fiction cons as well as at SCA events.  This was successful for many years, but when the crystal fad began to die out, she switched over to spice blends.  Beginning with twelve blends, over the years the variety has increased to today’s over 300 blends, as well as salts, peppercorns, and more.  Arwen’s spices come in glass jars that were chosen for their exceptional sealing capability.  Our jars keep blends for well over 1yr, whole spices for grinding last easily 2yrs (and that is just what they say about spices in the plastic jars.)

Yes, this is the same Jane Sibley who started Changing Times Changing Worlds (with Tchipakkan and friends) nine years ago. She will be back this year, at the conference is often found at Hospitality, if not teaching or attending classes! (It’s SO good to have passed the chair on!) But don’t worry- Colleen will be holding the fort in the dealers room! Remember to bring back your spice jars for a discount on your next bottle!

An expert on Runes and Norse magic and folklore, she will be running a Norseworking Healing Circle again this year. And you may be able to find her books in the vendors. When the current book has been finished and the manuscript sent off to the publisher, she will start on the next one, and after

that, yet another one.  In between writing books she plans on getting back to another love that has been a part of her family history; painting.  Auntie is not bored.

Her on-line store is here since you can’t wait until November:
Auntie Arwen’s Spices
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Hidden Potential

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The element of fire is known for changing things. At its most basic, it takes the potential energy of the fuel (for example wood, where the tree collected solar energy) and releases it, creating light and heat.

Sometimes we don’t realize how a crisis can result in our finding inner potential of which we were unaware. Like the proverbial parent lifting a car to free a trapped child, many factors combine to allow us to do more in a crisis than we would otherwise expect of ourselves.

How many stories of telepathy are “my loved one was in trouble far away and I felt their fear… or sadness… or heard their voice… at the moment (I found out later) that they were in trouble”? Why at those moments? Strong emotions can fuel psychic talents any time, but often we do not even attempt something we “know is impossible” until there is no other option.

When we feel we have no other options, we sometimes find that “fire within”: the talent, the strength, the ability, we did not know we had; we tap it to get through the crisis. Most people never attempt to use those resources again, returning to the comfortable assumption that such things are impossible. But humans are made of stardust as well as earth, of energy as well as matter, and we have a core of fire, of totally natural psychic abilities, that we can use… if we only think of it.

I may say this too often, but it is the prayer not voiced that is not answered, the spell not cast that never works. By and large I would rather avoid crisis, but when thrust upon me, I try to look for the silver lining. That is so often the moment that forces us to discover how magickal we are.

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Saturday Workshop Spotlight : How-to Hands-on

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Making Magical Candles with Patty Taylor
In this class we will have some fun making candles using beeswax, oils, herbs and incense.
You will have the chance to create something with your own hands and intentions for a person purpose.
Supplies and reference books will provided.
Material fee $10.00 per person 60 min

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Book for Youth Recommendations Panel

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Friday Panel Spotlight: Book Panel
This year panelists will share what books they think would be good to share with kids and teens who are interested in developing their psychic or magickal potential including both fiction and non-fiction. When a young person comes to you, the book must be both engaging, and give them insight into some aspects of what we do, and really needs not to feed them stuff they are going to have to unlearn later! Come to listen or share suggestions of your own- or explain why you don’t agree with panelists choices!

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Speaker Spotlight: Kathryn Smith

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Kathryn has been a student of the esoteric in various forms since the mid 1980’s, and began studying with R. J. Stewart in 1996. Since then she been exploring both the Western esoteric traditions and fairy lore. She’s currently pursuing advanced studies in teaching esoteric topics with R. J. Stewart and Anastacia Nutt. Under the pen name Kathryn Scannell, she has published several short stories and a novel.


Kabbalah: Concepts and Historical Overview

Publish your Own Tarot or Oracle Deck


Using Tarot in Fiction Writing

Publish your Own Tarot Deck


Mapping the Major Arcana on the Tree of Life: A Survey of Systems


Cleansing – Not Just for Sacred Spaces

Crafting a Guided Meditation

Basic Grounding and Centering


Finding the Right Teacher-

Speaking and Presentation Tricks for Teaching and Ritual


Deathwork and Animal Companions

Ancestors of Spirit: Ancestorwork for the Disconnected

Hidden Magic: Esoteric teachings from traditional Ballads and Folktales


Introduction to work with the Inner Convocation and Inner Temples

A Visit to the Crossroads – contacting Faery allies for sacromagical work

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