Workshop Spotlight: Using YouTube and social media to promote your practice

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Our conference tries to meet the needs of those who’ve been doing this stuff for a while. Many of us have practices that could benefit from advice from those who’ve done it. This workshop is one of those!

Using YouTube and social media to promote your practice
 with SacredOwl Q Quinones
Techniques and methods in using social media you tube, IGTV, Facebook live, podcasting and public radio to enhance your practice. And to get your message out. How to organize your topic list, timing and length of your videos, how to capture your audience, demographics, targeting and more points to enhance your magical practice. 90 minutes

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Ritual Triage with Kirk White Teaser

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Practicing Magick or Manifestation

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… or medicine, or music, or just about anything else. We must practice, or we won’t be able to when we need the skill. Remember my saying in a previous post that you don’t just look up what entity is associated with a certain activity and invoke them when you want to do it? It’s not going to work any more than asking random people on the street to help you move. You ask your friends, with whom you’ve established a relationship, and they’re willing to help.
Some people think of the Gods as symbols or archetypes, not beings, although I don’t, and I’m not sure how that would work. They may think of it as if they were asking strangers to help… but paying them (the offerings are “paying” for the service). Ouch! That’s hardly the relationship I’d want with either friends or deities. I guess the archetype folks aren’t friends with their gods.

But what I’m talking about today is how we learn the technique of manipulating energy, tweaking the flows of probability, “causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”, doing magick. (Feel free to replace that with whatever term makes you most comfortable if you don’t like “magick”. BTW, I use the Chaucerian spelling with the ‘k’ to differentiate real magick from stage magic or legerdemain.)
You have to practice to get good at anything. In any field, individuals will have natural talents that give them an advantage in anything from sports to art to making friends, but we all get better at things when we practice them. Part of what makes people REALLY GOOD at something is often simply that they have been willing to do it over and over for a very long time (so loving it helps you get better).

When I was younger I was worried about doing magick “for practice”. It seemed like a frivolous use of a sacred activity. Eventually I noticed that I also hated doing practice pieces of artwork, crafts, cooking, or even doing several drafts of writing (word processing helped with that- trust me, typing or hand copying the same page to change one little thing is something we are well past!). Wasting time and materials bothered me a lot. I’m cheap. But I learned that you have to do it. I had a friend who’s calligraphy teacher could tell how many hours each student had practiced between lessons.) I was so happy when I heard that Frigga accepts the first yarn you spin while you’re learning as offerings, because she approves of us learning the skill (and knows we can’t use the pathetic first few spindles-full). But if we don’t practice, we’ll never get good enough to do spin yarn or thread. It’s the same with magick (and art, and cooking). And we have to keep practicing after we’ve learned the skill. Think about it. How would you feel if someone said “I used to be good at this” when you called for medical help? Or even help with your car engine? I’d prefer someone whose license was current. Professional musicians still practice scales to keep their skills sharp. Sports teams need to practice. Why would magick be any different?

The more you do anything, the better you get at it. You will always be working within whatever your personal gifts are, and some of us are better at finding things, some better at working weather, telepathy, or feeling the threads of connection between us. But the more you practice, the better you get. People sometimes say “Do you really believe in magick?” and I say “No, I don’t believe in it, I use it. Do you believe in inertia?” (Using inertia has to do with how well you drive or throw a ball or other things.)

Because we need to practice to get good at anything, especially when beginning, our charms or spells won’t work, or not well. Sometimes they are going to go spectacularly wrong. (Use them as great teaching stories.) But the more you practice, the better you’ll get, and you’ll find the things that work best for you. But keep doing it, even when it doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped. Learn from your failures and tweak your skills.
Another thing I can share is that if you don’t take it seriously, you’ll never get good at it; lack of practice is part of that. (Being afraid it might work and having to take responsibility for it is another part- but I’ll deal with that in another post.)

Part of the reason the modern world is able to pretend that magick doesn’t work/ doesn’t exist is because we’ve been suppressed our abilities since the time of the Enlightenment. It’s nearly impossible to do anything you think can’t be done, whether it’s running a 4-minute mile or energy healing. But as Bach wrote in Johnathan Livingston Seagull: you don’t need to believe you can fly, you have to learn how. There’s as much technique in magick as there is in any other activity.
Practice, practice, practice. I’m sure you can think of things you want to change and make better. Do it every day rather than on weekends, every weekend rather than once a month, regularly rather than randomly. It’s something any skill needs, especially magick.

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Willow Diana

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Willow Diana Pressler

Intuitive Spiritual Consultant, Reiki Master, Sound Healer in Tuning Fork Therapy, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal healing, Energy clearing/smudging, Psychic Tarot Reader, Henna Artist, Paranormal Investigator.

I am an Ordained Minister in the Sanctuary of the Belived in the Order of Melchizedek and Universal Life Church. I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher as well as Seichim and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner.

My strong desire to help people has led me on a magical journey. Over the years I have studied Witchcraft, Wicca, Native American Shamanism, as well as many other Spiritual Beliefs. I have studied Munay Ki, Tarot, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Sound Healing, Runes, Astrology, and the Paranormal.

There is a “knowing” out there that I sometimes cannot explain. We are taught beliefs that sometimes conflict with our inner instinct, our inner self. This can create imbalances and dis-ease. I went out to learn, heal, and evolve. Many teachers helped me to “remember” my way, gain new perspective, heal spiritually, and transform. With my tools, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors, I can assist you as you navigate this lifetime.

She has also been a Vendor, Reader and Panelist

Cacao Ceremony
Paranormal Investigation and Paranormal Investigation

Essential Oils and the Helix of Emotions
Shamanic Cacao Ceremony with

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Attention Authors

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Are you an author coming to CTCW? We are organizing the author’s table and book signings for Saturday. We’ll have CTCW staff watching the table (selling for you) all day. Please let us know RIGHT AWAY (before August 28), if you want to be on the book-signing schedule, or have your books/CDs etc. on the author’s table: ctcwplanning@gmail.com

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The fire within us

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Do you use props to spur your magick or manifestation? Do you use incense, candles, a chalice, and other things to cast a circle or make something happen (push the probabilities)? One of the mysteries of the universe is that you won’t always need them. They are great when you are learning to work with the energies of the universe (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), but eventually, you may be able to use the breath of your body for air, your blood for water, the heat of your body or emotions for fire, and your flesh and bones for earth.

We are not taught as children to sense the energies of the world, but once we’ve learned to feel and work with them, we can feel them pulsing all around. Each of us may perceive them in a different way- some see auras, some hear spirits speaking, some feel the subtle differences in wavelengths. It’s cool how many ways different people sense what most people are unaware of. The more we do it, the better we get at it.

There will always be people who have practiced more, who start with more innate ability, which is why we have specialists in the world for everything from plumbing to medicine. It’s OK to get someone to help when you are faced with a task greater than your current abilities. But never doubt that you can be more than you are now, and the first step is simply being aware that it’s possible. But your inner fire, your creativity, your magickal process is yours, and just as there are different ways to doing anything else, you need to explore your inner fire in your way. Other people can help sometimes, but remember, just as you digest your own food, you also create your own magick. Everyone has it in them.

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