2019 Workshops

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These are the workshops we accepted so far, we’ll be adding a new batch each month until the schedule is full. We are still accepting proposals, so if you would like to submit one please use the form here. We’ll be back to you within a month

Walking the Liminal Spaces with Rebecca Oubouzar

As our path unwinds, sometimes we find ourselves in the shoes of Robert Frost, taking “the one less traveled by.” These less-worn avenues often take us between the well-drawn lines of society. We will briefly explore the in-between places in which we walk. (This class will include guided meditation; passing familiarity with pagan and queer terminologies will help, but is not required.)

Get Action             Rebecca Oubouzar

Life is beyond demanding, and “wine-and-bubble-bath” method of self-care is a booming business. But all the STUFF is still lurking outside your candle-lit soaking sanctuary. How do we handle it? How do we do so mindfully, without burning ourselves out? How do we do it when we’re overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed? Let’s find out together. (This class will include guided meditation.)T

History of the Occult with Tchipakkan

The last 50 years has been exciting, with the 60’s called “the Occult Explosion”, and the New Age. But there have been “New Ages” in almost every generation since the “Enlightenment”, and before that Magick was simply one of the things people studied. Knowing how things began can be useful for directing your attention to what you want to learn next. I’ll run through magic from the beginning of written history to the present, mostly from the European and Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern areas, and leave time for questions.

Building on RunValdr with Tchipakkan

I’ve been teaching RunValdr for ten years now, and some of you who’ve taken it may want some help trying new ways of using this system. Bring objects you want to turn into magickal objects, practice opening doors to other dimensions, learn how to set wards, talk about which symbols to use for specific types of healing. If you’ve been having problems, let’s address them. This is a powerful system, if you use it, but sometimes it’s easier to learn with someone there to back you up.

P2-Prerequisites: a RunValdr attunment and first class

What Does Your Aura Say About You?   with Loonwitch

Every living thing has an aura; that essence of color,  light,  and energy that emanates from the physical form, creating an invisible force.  In this lecture,  learn what the aura is and how it can be photographed; learn what your aura says about you; how you can strengthen your aura to provide protection and improve your sense of well-being, and discover techniques to see and feel the aura through interactive exercises.  60 min

You Can Create Magick!  with Loonwitch:

From common household items, you can create magick, stir up energy, manifest your desires, and protect those you love.  This is a fun and interactive workshop where we will discuss the key components of “manipulating” energy and stimulating the senses.  We will create the LoonWitch’s very own Wish Powder, and learn how you can make magick a part of your every day life without having a big price tag on ingredients!

Shaking Hands With the Drum  with    Brother Granite

Experience authentic Native American Pow Wow songs with Brother Granite. Over a decade of drumming and story-telling at Pow Wows, fairs, elementary schools, libraries and adult care centers makes this an educational and entertaining program.  This program will teach about traditional Pow Wow Regalia and explain each song performed during the program.  What makes this program extra special is it offers traditional Inter-Tribal Storytelling.  Brother Granite brings the Native American stories alive with his animated use of body-language, special voice inflection and interaction with the audience. Brother Granite will show sacred items during the program and some audience participation will be encouraged.  90 min

The Language of Omens: Connecting with Gods When You Can’t Hear Them.  with. Raven Kaldera

Many people complain that they can’t see or hear the Gods, and indeed that gift is not necessarily given to everyone. However, with time and devotion, it’s possible to work out a system of omens with the willing deities who are dear to you, and thus know that They are listening and communicating. This class will discuss how to develop a system of “walking omens” with Gods, and how to cross-check to know when a cigar is just a cigar and not a Sacred Sign.

Lessons from the Kingdom of Freaks and Monsters: Real Diversity in Pagan Groups.  with Ravem Kaldera

As Pagans, we like to think that our groups are open to a wide variety of people … but are they really? How do we include and integrate the spiritual needs of people who are queer, transgendered, polyamorous or in other alternative relationships, physically or mentally disabled, non-neurotypical, legal minors, parents, god-bothered, or otherwise not the usual run-of-the-mill idea of a Pagan? Many groups today are moving away from the “initiatory mystery cult” model and embracing a more open, congregational format, and as such will be seeing more of the above sorts. How do we meet the needs of as many people as possible, and when do we have to say “I’m sorry, not doable” to people? This class will discuss real accessibility from the point of view of a very welcoming congregation.  N

Shiva Aghora: Eating with Lepers and Untouchables.  with Raven Kaldera

Aghora is the aspect of the Hindu god Shiva who looks after lepers, untouchables, and anyone who is looked down upon in society. Who are your lepers and untouchables? (Think of that really, really annoying person you cringe to see.) We’ll be learning about the lepers and untouchables in our lives, and doing a small ritual to Shiva Aghora to help us find patience and compassion for them. We’ll also be asking Shiva Aghora for help when any of us become the lepers and untouchables every day in the world.

Basic Hand Embroidery with Sewmagic Lois 

Some folks think they have no creative fire within themselves. Others are sure they do. Either way, using a needle and thread is a time-honored way to nurture the fire within us. Even though it is an ancient art, embroidery is still common in today’s world. It can be used for anything from decorating ritual garb to covering spots and stains on that favorite T-shirt. ( 90 min)

Come learn some basic hand embroidery stitches. All you need is a small wood or plastic embroidery hoop, some lightweight solid color fabric, a needle, and embroidery floss. (INSTRUCTOR WILL HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SUPPLY KITS AVAILABLE FOR A NOMINAL COST)

Fire: Celestial, Terrestrial, Sacred, and Ritual with Jane Sibley

We begin with a brief survey of lightning, comets, volcanoes, and suchlike before looking at fire in the realm of the gods/supernatural spheres, fire from the celestial sphere to the human one, and the kindling of ritual fires in our mortal plane of existence. 90 min

Norse Working with Jane Sibley

A high energy circle raised in Norse Tradition, in which we will do healing, fertility magic, charging of major tools, distance work, or whatever else needs doing. Once the ritual begins, the room will be sealed and guarded, so please come on time, fed, rested., and pottied.  90+ min

Dowsing 101   with Sean Kane

Dowsing is the art of locating objects and detecting energies. Starwolf will show you how to utilize both L rods and Pendulums in finding what you need.  60 min

E.D.C. for the metaphysical practitioner with Sean Kane

E.D.C. Or Every Day Carry is a term used by the preper/survivalist community for the carried in pocket, backpack or purse on a consistent basis. This principle can be adapted to the Witch, Shaman or Psychic. We’ll go over concepts of what to carry, how to carry, and how to protect what you’re carrying from the wear and tear of life. If you already have a kit, feel free to bring it so we can compare.

When the Fire Burns Low with Catherine Kane

Some things are sent to try us. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, sometimes we go into survival mode and let our dreams fall away from us. Let’s look at ways to overcome or come back from challenging times, keep our dreams alive and the fire within us burning, and fan those flames higher again if they’ve been burning down 

Releasing Your Limits – An Introduction to E.F.T.
(Emotional Freedom Technique) with Catherine Kane

We know what to do to be happy, healthy, successful; to live the life of our dreams. Why don’t we do it? We all have beliefs (conscious or unconscious) that limit us, sabotage our happiness, block us. These beliefs can be hard to break free of.
E.F.T. is a simple, quick, fun way to release limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that support prosperity, growth and happiness. It combines belief statements with tapping on energy meridian points to literally change our minds so we can change our lives. Learn practical E.F.T. skills to release blocks and live your dreams. K

Witching Wellness  with Kirk White

The witch walks the line between the worlds, weaving the forces of the plants, the stars, the elements, the spirits, magic and medicine, mind and body, to bring healing (or harm when necessary) to themselves and their communities. Placed into the magical worldview of medieval European folk medicine and magic, yet also drawing on Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Greek humoral medicine, we will begin to explore how these forces are woven together and can be used for health, happiness, growth, and balance. We will cover basic theory, learn and practice assessment/diagnostic methods, and learn how to choose or create the right treatment strategy based on those findings. Beginners will leave with a firm foundation on which to begin growing while more advanced healers will gain strategies and skills to better define, refine, and deepen their current skill set. (90 min

Freemasonry & the Golden Dawn:  Old Men’s Mysteries for Modern Men (and Women too!) with Kirk White

This class is an exploration of the history, activities and practices of these two ceremonial groups. We’ll debunk myths, give away “secrets”, talk about magick, and explain how these groups can be used to transform one’s self and one’s world. 

How to work with the energy of anger with Lailani Martinez

Emotions like anger, hatred, grief, jealousy, depression, rage, etc…are considered lower vibrational energies, falling on the side of the fear-based spectrum. But what if we could learn to use these energies in our our magick, in our healing, for our spirits?
This discussion intends to show the student practices on how to properly transmutate these lower vibrational energies for your healing as well as how to make them work for you in your magick. 60 min

Reading the Flames; Fire Divination (60 min)            Lailani Martinez

Candles are so much more than an ingredient in your magick, a source of light on your altar, or an offering for your spirits. They are also a wonderful form of communication between you and your god(s)/spirits and can be used to divine for others.
In this discussion, learn how to read candles and their flames. Add a new skill to your magickal and spiritual toolbox!

Meditative Bead Making with Mary Kimball

Ever try to relax and meditate and found your mind to wonder? In this class, we will make meditative bead lines that you can use to help you concentrate. There will be a collection of beads to choose from to create your line. We will discuss the different kind of beads and properties you may be attracted to and well as how to use the lines once you have created your own.

Making Magical Candles with Patty Taylor

In this class we will have some fun making candles using beeswax, oils, herbs and incense.

You will have the chance to create something with your own hands and intentions for a person purpose.

Supplies and reference books will provided.

Material fee $10.00 per person 60 min

Developing and Maintaining Positive Relationships with Your Computer and Other Electronic Devices for Energy and Metaphysical Practitioners with Katheryn Smith

“I hate computers. They never work for me.” How many times have you said that? Come to this class and learn the benefits of approaching your devices from a positive outlook, and ways to integrate them into your practice instead of fighting with them. Your computer doesn’t have to be an adversary. Let’s change that relationship.

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