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Thanks for checking, our schedule is full. We’re leaving the forms up for those who’d like to present at CTCW in the future. Please let us know if you’d be willing to be ‘wait-listed’ (if another speaker has an emergency and can’t make it, we’d call you).

Propose a Session!  Click HERE.

Note: we can ONLY accept proposals through this form. We have lost some great workshops because they were emailed, or sent through a friend, and we’d have loved to run them. Contact us if you have trouble with the form, but please use it.

Please also send us a head shot for the presenter’s page, send it to programming, or you can send it through facebook. We now have all the workshops we can fit in, and a few on the wait-list.  We’ll try to create and post the schedule ASAP. Please feel free to jump in and join us as a panelist.

Speakers FAQ:

We want to create a balanced program between the many incredible subjects available (healing, divination, energy work, spirituality/religion/folklore, etc.), and we hope to both introduce people to ideas they haven’t encountered, as well as provide a venue for intermediate and advanced techniques.

This will be your opportunity to teach what you’ve always wanted to teach. Many of our attendees are well grounded in the basics, so rather than an “introduction to the Tarot”, a workshop on the court cards, or reversals or reading cards near each other is what the more experienced people are looking for.  This is your chance to present the information or techniques that you’d like to share. You may offer a series, but make sure you tell us what order they are in.

  • Please give us the name you want us to use on the website. We don’t need your legal name. We do need to know how to get in touch with you.
  • The bio is for the website. Feel free to include your accomplishments, links for your website, blog, your metaphysical shop, your books, let people know how wonderful you are! (Email us a picture- the website likes having one and so do we.)
  • Eventually we want two versions of the description of each workshop: One, for the website, the other for  the program book. The program book one must be brief (70 words), but for the website we hope you’d describe the experience in as much detail as you’d like, so people will know how great it is. (We also need a short version for the name of the workshop -30 characters-for the chart in the program booklet: 15 characters one above the other- if we need hyphens, we’d prefer you tell us where.) Also tell us what version of your name will fit in 15 characters. We also want a short (60 words) version of your bio for the program book.
  • The description of your workshop for the website should include what kind of workshop it is, as well as what it’s about.  Is it a class, a demonstration with exercises, a guided meditation, ritual, performance, discussion, or something else. Is it for beginners or more experienced people?
  • Include prerequisites if there are any. Since we are having intermediate and advanced classes,  you can say what people will need to know to understand your workshop if it’s not an introductory level.
  • Let us know when you’ll be arriving and leaving, or other things that will help us schedule.
  • Special requirements: limited number of participants, a lot of space for movement? tables or no tables, do you need extra time to set-up? Do you need a white board, or a projector and screen for a power point presentation?
  • Spacing: if you are doing more than one class, or a series of related workshops is there an order in which they should be presented? Should they be one each day-  or on the same day before and after lunch? Let us know what you’d prefer.
  • Important:
  • We want to have a full schedule of great workshops on Friday, but some people work Fridays and would love a chance to see them. Let us know if you can give your class before supper on Friday or after lunch on Sunday. We will try to make it worth your while, because we really want the good workshops in those “hard to get there” time slots.

We would love to comp our speakers fully, but cannot yet afford to do that. All we can afford is 25% of registration per class honoraria. (Help us promote this conference and in a few years we’ll have enough attendees to do more.) Meanwhile we will try to show our gratitude by being as good to you as we can.

One thing we try very hard to do is not schedule you against the classes you’d like to attend. We can’t arrange that until the schedule is up, but we will do our very best so that you can enjoy the conference as well. Let us know about any speakers, panels, or workshops you don’t want to be scheduled against.

Because we are running a panel and 3-4 workshops at once, our classes tend to be smaller and more intimate. Someday we may need to use microphones and amplifiers, but not yet.

Since no one has yet taught a workshop on bilocation, (and none of the vendors carry time-turners) we are making audio recording the as many workshops as possible, so people can get at least a recording of the ones they missed. Please let us know whether you are willing to be recorded (by class). We are doing this for the benefit of the attendees, and you retain the rights, and we’ll even give you the master so you can sell any copies yourself it you’d like. If you don’t want to give permission, we respect your choice. If you are willing to let us sell the recordings of your class here, it will help support the con, but either way, the rights to the material are always yours.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email Tchipakkan, Maryalyce, or use the contact form. Please do not hesitate to email us, contact us via facebook. We’ve tried to think of everything on this form, but anything else we’ll have to just handle individually.

We REALLY want you to use the forms here, but if you know a potential speaker who has disentangled himself from the web, you can print this and they can send the same information by or postal mail. If you do this, please include all the information, not just some of it. I’d rather work on the schedule and promoting the conference than chase you down for missing information.


Changing Times- Changing Worlds
attn. Maryalyce Merritt
191 Poplar Hill Road
Wassaic, NY 12592

and /or

Changing Times- Changing Worlds
attn. Tchipakkan
125 Pinnacle Road,
Lyndeboro, NH  03082
Call with any questions 603-654-2601  please before 9 am and 9 pm, (earlier if you have a lot of questions).
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