Authors Table

Many of our speakers are also authors, and at the authors table (by registration) you will be able to buy a selection of their books. Registration will make change if you need it.  Among the titles you’ll see there will be:

SYMBOLS, MEANING, AND THE SACRED QUEST: SPIRITUAL AWAKENING IN JEWISH, CHRISTIAN AND ISLAMIC STORIES (previously called:THE PURPOSE OF RELIGION: Enlightenment, Meaning and Love in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Symbology) by Andrew Cort

LOVE, WISDOM AND GOD: The Longing of the Western Soul by Andrew Cort


By Land, Sea and Sky by Morgan Daimler

“Adventures in Palmistry” ($22.95)  by Catherine Kane

“The Practical Empath :Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath” ($16.99) by Catherine Kane

Passwords and Passages” ($10) by Lyrion ApTower

“A Child’s Eye View of Heathenry”  ($7.00) by Galina Krasskova
“Runes: Theory and Practice” ($14.00) by Galina Krasskova
“Spiritual Protection” ($14.00) by Sophie Reicher
“root, stone, and bone” ($14.00) by Galina Krasskova
“Sigyn: Our Lady of the Staying Power” ($14.00) by Galina Krasskova
“Whisperings of Woden” ($10.00) by Galina Krasskova
“Day Star and Whirling Wheel” ($18.00) by Galina Krasskova
“Into the Great Below” ($18.00) by Galina Krasskova
“Exploring the Northern Tradition” ($12.00) by Galina Krasskova
“Feeding the Flame” ($14.00) by Galina Krasskova

“The Divine Thunderbolt” ($25) by Jane Sibley

“Norse Mythology… According to Uncle Einar” by Jane Sibley

“The Red Book: a Runic Bibliography” ($10) by Jane Sibley

“Divine Cookies” ($20) by Tchipakkan

“the Heathen Cookie Book” ($10)by Tchipakkan

The Northern-Tradition Shamanism series by Raven Kaldera ($22-23)

The Northern Shamanic Herbal by Raven Kaldera ($27)

The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera ($30)

As you get ready for CTCW please remember your upcoming holiday shopping! Buying from local craftsmen is a wonderful thing!

PS. Don’t forget the festivities or circles, or grab bags, etc… where you will be asked to donate a $X gift for exchange. Our author’s books & artists’ CDs work especially well in these cases!

Akasha’s Journey

Akasha’s Journey offers a variety of hand crafted and magickally charged products including Reiki tools, crystal sets, black scrying mirrors, mojo bags, candles, and custom altar cloths.  I have a line of “Portable Pagan” items that include mini altars and mini altar tool sets.  I also have a line of “Pagan Pet” items that include pet healing mojo bags and magickally charged pet bandanas.  I offer Esoteric Consultations including Natal Chart casting & interpretation, chakra crystal energy therapy, power animal retrieval, Medicine Card, & Tarot readings.  I am also overjoyed to over a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, IET, and Run Valdr.  All healings are offered for both humans and their pets or familiars.

I will also have an assortment of items for sale whose proceeds go to the American Bouvier Rescue League.

I am happy to hand craft some items on site. I am also happy to take orders for my sewn items if there are particular Deities, elements, etc.. that folks have devotion to. Travel Altars & Altar Cloths are good examples. All orders can be complete & shipped before 12/1 or sooner.

Auntie Arwen’s Spice Blends

Auntie Arwen’s Spices offers a huge selection of seasoning blends, from the flat calm to melt-your-fillings hot. We also have fudge, teas and coffees, and some interesting miscellanea and closeouts.


Cabochons- silver jewelry, long stripey stockings, hand painted silks, unique jewelry with semi-precious jewelry, ceramic figurines, votifs and cookie stamps, Tchipakkan’s cookbooks, wood burned and painted boxes, and more…

Carol Gader

Carol Gader’s table will have: my books, my CD, dowsing tools, jewelry for holding love, protection, and flexibility for these changing times, and a power chart for clearing water, food, and our own bodies.  My daughter will have a crystal bowl on display, plus literature for buying them or for hiring her for a crystal bowl meditation.  I will also be available to do 5-10 minute dowsing for questions that people might want to ask. Questions they need an answer to, like changing jobs or locations, relationship questions or do I still have fear or anger and how much.

The Crystal Connection

The Crystal Connection: tumble stones, pendula, massage stones, chip necklaces, and miscellaneous specimens to delight the senses. Inexpensive items for “show and tell” at elementary school, too.

Forest Garb

Luxurious Fantasy clothing velvet cloaks, dresses, and pouches, batik pants, medieval brocade belts, and beaded jewelry

Garden of One 

Are You Ready to Bloom?  Rachel creates unique Flower/ Vibrational Essence & Aromatherapy Products:  Mysts, Oils, Baths, Essences, Candles, Energy Peels, Kits and more.  Designed to bring comfort and alignment to body, mind and spirit these products release the patterns and behaviosr that are preventing us from living an authentic life and rebuild the energy patterns so that we can create and manifest that which we truly desire.  Rachel will be available to work with you personally to test and choose the ideal products for your situation.

The Haunted Wood

The Haunted Wood provides a wide variety of handmade wooden ritual tools and ceremonial objects: Wands, Rune and other casting stones, Chalices, Wood-bound books, finely crafted pens and Pendulums, plus candles, herbs, incense, and more.

Hutnick’s Used Books

Ironwood Artisans

Ironwood Artisans offers a variety of handmade one-of-a-kind treasures.  We have a variety of old-fashioned wooden toys and games for all ages, a beautiful selection of wire and gemstone jewelry, fine wooden housewares, and drinking horns with runic inscriptions or celtic knotwork.  All items are hand made in Vermont by one of 5 artisans, and many are historical replicas, historically inspired or have a fantastical theme.
Check us out at:
Contact us at:

MoonDragon Designs

MoonDragon Designs is a unique company specializing in jewelry that is not only designed to look good, but to make you feel good. Using a combination of semi-precious stones, twisted wire, and a little magic, each creation is an interesting and unique piece of jewelry that simply stimulates the imagination! Many of the pieces are also designed for plus size women, so check the sizes closely for that special piece.

MoonDragon Designs also has a variety of other accessories, such as fabric boxes, beaded snowflake ornaments and pentacle suncatchers, and bath salts from Cassie’s Creations.

We also have a variety of products not shown on the web site, such as capes, cloaks, ritual robes, knitted hats, scarves, handwarmers, brooms/besoms, black mirrors, dreamcatchers, candles, wire-wrapped stone pendants, and more.  Many of these items are one of a kind and difficult to keep up with in a web store.

Everything is 100% handmade, so check it out. If you don’t see something you like, or something you like, but it’s not the right size, email us and ask about custom orders!  We aim to please, and can make something to fit your needs!

Hu-Manna Gold

Ormus materials are generally becoming regarded as a new state of matter. The gentleman who made many of the  recent discoveries about these materials, Mr. David Hudson, divulged 20 years of research and patents, with considerable cost to himself (8.9 million dollars) thus placing his research in the public domain in 1995.
The Ormus materials are critical to all life and the health and well being of any living thing. A body supplemented Ormus materials has remarkable changes afoot.
Supplementing Ormus is like reinstalling your operating system on your computer. Many things correct themselves automatically. Once this has been instituted you are then more responsive to any other healing modality including your food.

As we worked with the Ormus materials we found that they were moved, pushed, corrupted by the exposure to elecromagnetic fields and magnetic fields and to that end we dicovered that this influance on the natural Ormus materials was contributing to almost all of the chronic diseases. Our talks are about the nature and behavior of the ormus materials and how this increasing electromagnetic influence can be dealt with.  We try to create awareness and provide reasonable solutions with workshops on how to make ormus at home and how to educate yourself  toward improving your personal situation.  Awareness is the first step and this brings results very quickly and positively.   Love and Life  Dave and Riki   <>

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