We need Fire and Ice

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In the beginning, in most cultures, there was chaos, from which gradually life emerged. In the Norse tales, in grew from the mist that was created where the Fire from Muspellheim and the Ice from Nifflheim met, and his body was the what our world was made from.

Extremes are scary, and generally not easy to deal with, and often when they meet there is conflict and chaos which are also scary, but that’s what drives creation. Humans live in a central place where we can draw what we need from many extreme energies. We need to proceed not with fear, but with caution, as we negotiate the world between: Middle Earth.

Because we live in the middle, we can draw from the fire when we need more energy, and from the ice when we need to slow down, or chill out. We mustn’t fear these corrections, they are what allows us to live. It may seem exciting to be moving and changing things, but sometimes we need to just wait and be.

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