Thought for the week: Analogy

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Almost anything works as an analogy for life: sports, gardening, weather… we tend to refer back to what we know. But although few of us actually know battle (thank goodness) it is a popular analogy, a popular motif. We admire the warriors, after all “Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friend.”  Someone who intentionally dedicates his life to putting himself between danger and others is admirable in a way that those who respond well to an accident don’t achieve. Who runs INTO a burning building when others run out? Who stands in front when a dangerous animal or person is threatening? Those who take this on as a lifestyle are traditional heroes. But then, any parent might be the answer to those questions, and their dedication is simply to their family. Fighting is the analogy for how we deal with things that frighten us. When there’s someone we love so much we don’t even think about it, that changes the whole equation. Holding on to what we know or letting go of it may be something you fight for, something you consciously tell yourself “I have to do this”, or sometimes you let go or hold on simply because you love and that takes the thinking and decision making out of it. It’s not a battle, just the natural reaction to love. In that case love will show you whether changing or not is the right thing at the moment.

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