The theme for CTCW in 2017 is JOY!

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My kids are suggesting that we approach 2017 quietly, so as not to startle it. 2016 was pretty rough on a lot of us. But many years ago we picked the theme for this year as Joy, and I think we are ready for it.

Joy is pretty simple and direct, so we’re also including Bliss, as in the mythologist Joseph Campbell’s injunction to “Follow your Bliss”, and Ecstasy, which is often equated with a spiritual pinnacle of happiness, although at least one sage suggested that it was an obstacle (keeping you from peace).   Still, it is a good step along the path, so not a bad thing (except maybe in meditation).

We shall probably be exploring meditation, as well as our usual fare: psychic and spiritual practices, divination, healing, folklore. We hope you’ll hold a place for us in your schedule next November, whether you’d like to come and share your talents and experiences as a presenter, or as someone who wants to learn more or share privately. Do contact us if you’d like to join in our exploration.

All humans are a combination of spirit and body, and for too long we’ve tried to keep those practices separated. People keep this awareness quietly among close friends so people won’t find out that they know about how thoughts change reality and how we are all connected. It’s time we gave up this intellectual fiction and settled into a much more practical acceptance of the full depth of reality. Come join us and share the joy of not having a need to hiding our spirit any more!


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