Dark Gods and Goddesses Panel

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Odin,_der_Göttervater  Almost all pantheons have divinities or supernatural beings who may be regarded as on the dark side and who primarily deal with sickness and death. In the North, we have Odin and the valkyries, as well as some of the elves, vettir, and the Underjordiske (Under-Earth Ones). Heading south, there are Charun, Pluto, Apollo, various demons, Set, and more. Christianity has Satan/Lucifer and a legion of various devils; Islam has Shaitan and Iblis. Judaism seems to have demons (lower case d) floating around, but no major Dark gods or goddesses. Tibet, China, Japan, India, and Africa have Dark Ones, as do the cultures in the New World. In this panel, we shall explore the nature of these Dark Ones, contrasting and comparing their attributes.



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