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Workshop Spotlight: What Dreams May Come

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What Dreams May Come – understanding and unlocking your dreamsHolman_Josephs_Dream

Winter is a time for dreams. What we dream in the dark heart of night holds significant wisdom for us. But often it is hard to unlock the kernel of truth nestled deep within the symbolic, poetic, metaphorical language of the dream. We will share dreams and learn effective methods based on the work of dream pioneer Jeremy Taylor for unpacking the layers of meaning available within. Even if you rarely remember a dream this workshop can helpful. Bring a dream or a snippet of a dream to share.

Juniper TalbotJuniper Talbot began her psychic and magical training as a witch in 1982 and is currently an Elder in Lenai Aine, a Celtic witchcraft coven. She began her study of Tarot and the occult in 1983, through Servants of the Light, an off-shoot of the Golden Dawn, and continues to study with Builders of the Adytum, an esoteric school founded by Paul Foster Case, focusing on Tarot and Qabalah. Juniper has extensive knowledge and experience Celtic myth, ritual and magic, having written and taught on Celtic subjects for over 25 years. Juniper also works actively with dreams and co-facilitates a monthly Dream Circle in her hometown. As a professional dancer and choreographer, Juniper has toured widely to teach and perform both traditional and creative dance/ritual pieces based on her connection to the earth and ancient ways. In 2004, Juniper was chosen as a delegate representing Paganism to offer “Dancing with the Earth” at the Parliament of World’s Religions held in Barcelona.

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