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Changing Times-Changing Worlds

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We have some exciting news!

This year, Changing Times Changing Worlds will be bringing you our conference completely ONLINE! That means that wherever you are, you can participate and attend our event. We will also be offering classes for SEVEN DAYS (November 9-15, 2020)!

We are adding evening programming Monday through Friday evening, and we will be offering a Saturday and Sunday filled with the classes and panels you expect from our conference.

We will also be launching with a new super affordable price as well as some exciting new features. Right now, our Planning Committee is busy at work getting our website updated, and over the next few weeks we will be opening up attendee registration and updating our Workshop Proposal forms. We are just thrilled to be able to maintain the caliber of classes and panels that you are accustomed to from CTCW.

Stay tuned and check our social media and website often as this year unfolds

We will also be launching a Facebook buy/sell group, exclusively for our past vendors, presenters, and attendees.So you can still obatin the wonderful items offered in our Vendor Hall. Watch for more details coming soon!

November 9th-15th, 2020.
Check here or Facebook page for platform and registering announcement.

CTCW is a conference traditionally held during a weekend at the beginning of November in the New England/ Northeast area.

Our premise is that people and the world we live in are more than physical, but interact with the world(s) and each other on many levels. Together we explore alternative and complimentary forms of healing, divination, energy work, spirituality, life after death, folklore, and other topics usually considered “paranormal”, “supernatural” or “metaphysical”. In another twenty or thirty years we expect that the resistance our culture has shown to accepting the reality of psychic talents, magick, ghosts, communicating with other worlds and other sorts of beings is simply how the world works, and we can live our lives more fully if we stop trying to deny that reality. The world is changing and we would like to be a positive part of that change.

Join us both at the conference, and on our facebook group and our youtube channel (because once a year to talk about this, isn’t enough)!

This year’s Theme is Stillness, and Holding Space.

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