Sacrifice our wants to the needs of others Sunday

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The last Sunday of August has been declared Sacrifice Our Wants to Other’s Needs Sunday by the organization Be Kind to Humankind.

This is a pretty cool idea, if not a well known holiday. It challenges us to look at the difference between wants and needs, which is something we often forget to do. And as great as helping others is, today I’m writing about the other side of the issue.

I’m looking at all of you empaths and healers out there who don’t take care of yourselves!
Parents work really hard to try to get our kids to recognize that the other kids have wants and needs, just as they do, and they should take those desires and needs into account when deciding what to do- whether to take the bigger piece of cake, or whether to let the other kid go first. Sadly, when the first lessons seem to be taking, we often neglect to fine tune the lesson as we do with other things we are teaching. It’s hard to differentiate between wants and needs, and we too often hope that they’ll figure it out later, but it doesn’t happen.

Too many people (you healers, helpers) forget to put their own needs for sleep, for nutrition, for attention, (yes it is a real need…) into the equation when allocating their time and energy, as if their needs don’t count as much as those of others. WAKE UP! Your needs are just as important as everyone else’s! Remember the pre-flight instructions: if the oxygen masks come down, put your own on before you help your kids. (How much help are you going to be able to give if you’ve passed out, eh? Yes, it’s an analogy.) We’re not asking you to be greedy or selfish, only to recognize that you are worthy of consideration, as much as those you help, and that if you neglect yourself, you’re denying that resource (you) from those you help.

Helping others is great. As a matter of fact, it’s probably the only thing that’s going to save the world at this point. But remember that just as the needs of others are more important than your wants, YOUR needs are more important than their wants. Yes, I know it’s harder to judge emotional and spiritual needs than physical ones; they are so much more amorphous than simple food, water, and air. But you’ve already got the big idea down, you know we’re all in this together. Just remember that you are a part of that big “Us”, and give yourself equal consideration.

This has been a public service announcement from someone who’s watched a whole lot of “Givers” run themselves into the ground unnecessarily. Trust me, the good people you’re helping will be happy that you’re taking care of yourself, even if temporarily inconvenienced.

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Speaker Spotlight: Catherine Kane

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Catherine Kane is a professional psychic, a Reiki Master, a gifted bard, a metaphysical Christian, and  a delighted student of the Universe (amongst other things). She brings creativity, an eclectic body of knowledge, and an attitude of fun to empowering people to find and live their best and brightest dreams. Her writing has been seen in magazines such as Thorn, the Door Opener, and Helix; and she is the author of “Adventures in Palmistry” and “The Practical Empath”, “Manifesting Something Better“, “The Lands That Lie Between“, “Magic for Pennies“, and “The Psychic Power of Your Dreams“.  
Her latest offering is Living in Interesting Times, available from Lulu.
Visit her and husband Starwolf online as Foresight (the Information you need for the Adventure of Life) at www.ForesightYourPsychic.com and www.ForesightYourCtPsychic.wordpress.com

You can also find Foresight on Facebook. Catherine’s Amazon page, and her writing blog.

The Best is Yet to Be, Mindfulness for Change,

The Challenging Reading, Clearing & Releasing Negative Programs, Practical Energetic Techniques for Living in Interesting Times, A Touch of Acupressure


A Touch Acupressure, Life Balance for Psychics, Stand back we’re going to do Science!, Palmistry Reading for Children


Kaizen: Baby Steps to Work Wonders, The Practical Empath, A Touch of Acupressure


A Touch of Acupressure, Getting your metaphysical Book Out (with Morgan Daimler, Alternative Pain Management, and Affordable Metaphysics for Everyone.


A Touch of Acupressure, The Mind-Body Connection, Reading for Children, Tealeaf Reading Party (with Starwolf), and Practical Dream Work


Break Down Blocks with E.F.T., Little Manifestations, The Palmist Goes to Work, Practical Empath, A Touch of Acupressure, and Tealeaf Reading and Manifestation (w/ Starwolf)


Boundaries, Balance & Nurturing YourselfFive Minute MeditationA Touch of Acupressure, and The Practical Empath -Empathy 101

Cathy and Sean


Manifesting Prosperity, Your Destiny is in Your Hands, Reiki Not Just for Healing, Dream a Little Dream, Clearing Negative Programs, and A Touch of Accupressure

Catherine is the lady who has done the acupressure class to Sunday mornings (we’ll see if you can get by without her this year), book signings, and readings as well as teaching in previous years. She has been one of the foundation stones on which CTCW has been built.

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The Practical Empath- Catherine Kane

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If you’d like to hear the whole workshop, you can get it to download it here.

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Sneak Peak Practical Empath with Cathy Kane

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catherine du fey KaneThere’s a new Post on the Youtube Channel: here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZdJknKPBa8

This is a teaser of one of Catherine Kane‘s workshops Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath or the Practical Empath (available to download

on our shop page)  As a special treat for those who come to the website I’ll leave the full class up for a week! Congratulations!

This is a sample of the kinds of class we have at the conference, and if you can’t wait, her book is available here. and do also check out her website: ForesightyourPsychic practical empath cover and ForsightyourCTpsychic



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Speaker on New Normal: Catherine Kane

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cathy auraOn November 4th, Catherine Kane will be appearing from 8-9 pm on the New Normal with Tchipakkan on http://liveparanormal.com/

We’re talking about psychic empaths, those of us who are extra tuned in to the feelings and emotional vibes of others. It’s a lovely gift but, while you’re born with the gift, you’re not born with the skills you need to manage it. Without those skills, psychic empathy can be an overwhelming experience.

We’ll be talking about those skills- about how to control how much psychic energy you take in, how to ground out energy you don’t want and what to do with your gift, amongst other things. We’ll also talk about the people who care about empaths and how they can support their psychic.

Want to catch this interview, call in with your own questions or be part of the live chat happening during every show?

If you just want to listen, you can go to the above site, click the “Listen Live and Chat” listing under the “radio-listen/chat room” heading, and click “LISTEN HERE” next to “the New Normal”.
practical empath cover
If you want to chat, you’ll need to go to the top of the home page on the extreme right and click “Join” to set up a personal account (it’s free but takes a few moments, so you might want to do this in advance)

Please feel free to call in with questions or comments at 619-639-4606

And, if you can’t tune in at that time, Live Paranormal.com archives its shows for your listening at a time convenient to you.

Read The Practical Empath (bring it to the con and get her to sign your copy!)

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