Dust if you must

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“Ponder the difference between want and need”… This year’s theme reminds us to do that. Physical needs will make themselves apparent… , but sometimes it’s too easy to ignore emotional and spiritual needs. Yes, we must eat and breathe to live, but why are we here? What is life about?

My husband used to say “Pain is your friend, it tells you when you’ve done something stupid”. Pain is your body telling you to pay attention to something that needs fixing, whether it’s a bruise or a burn, but more and more of our physical ailments come from our body translating the stresses to our spirit that we’ve ignored. Your back ache may come not from carrying large objects but from “shouldering too much responsibility”, your gut issues may be the result of “swallowing” too many insults. If we ignore the very real spiritual needs our inner self will find a way to bring them to our attention. (Sadly, sometimes we don’t get what it’s saying.) Your body is there to remind you what’s important- what you need.

Another thing to remember is that we need to focus on the life we are living over what we think or hope our legacy will be. In the future, other people will be dealing with their needs, and all the grand things that seemed so important to us may not be anything they consider important. Dust we are, and to dust we return…

Speaking of dusting, on the other hand, the spirits I listen to remind me that both our house wights (brownies, or what ever name you use for them) DO want us to dust; our ancestors and invisible co-inhabitants of our living space show that they care about how we treat the homes they share with us; and certain divinities (Yes, Mother Holle, I’ll get to those dishes!) want us to keep the living area clean (and the sweeping! yes, I hear you!). There is also accumulating evidence that the physical environment has an impact on our emotions. So if you get the urge to clean or tidy, don’t fight it simply because I’ve shared a meme here. That may be what you need to do. Listen to your inner voices when they whisper so they won’t need to use your body to get your attention.

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