Change isn’t good or bad

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Sometimes we create tools to be able to understand the changes going on around us. But we should be careful not to think of the information they give us in ways that don’t serve us. Some things benefit from acid, some from base Ph, some things don’t care, and some have a very narrow range of what allows them to thrive. This information can be critical when gardening, but not particularly in other situations.

Similarly we measure many things: the temperature, the Dow, how old we are, how many calories we eat…, all of these things have meaning, but far too often we ascribe more meaning to them than the actual measurement warrants. Change is fairly constant, and information is useful, but if we only count the length of days in the fall, we might thing our data meant eternal night was coming. We need to recognize that change is often simply part of natural fluctuation, and sometimes it’s the result of something we are doing. In that case, we can try to change what we are doing to either adapt to the change or try to make it more as we’d want it. Sometimes knowing the direction we are going sooner gives us a greater ability to make changes, that’s why many of us use divination. Collecting information, and learning how the world works is useful, whether we get it by reading a map, an X ray, satellite weather, or a dowsing rod. We can work with change when we understand what’s going on.

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