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Paranormal Cleanup with Sarah Livermore

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Please join Tchipakkan and her guest, HPS Sarah Livermore on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 8-9 p.m. edt.

Miss the show? The archive is here.

OK, you’ve weathered the crisis, you’ve dealt with the haunting, the poltergeist, the negative energy coming from an angry ex who doesn’t even realize that she’s sending bad stuff your way. The cord is cut, the shields are up, the annoying entity is gone. But you’re still a basket case. What do you do now?

Not that Sarah Livermore isn’t the one to deal with the initial problem, but tonight we are going to talk about what happens afterwards. We’ve all heard about PTSD, and battlefield clean up. Here’s a lady who’s been in the trenches, and stays after to help people deal with the aftermath.

A lifetime student of the occult,Eclectic Wiccan High Priestess; “I am the Pagan Exorcist. I am the witch you turn to when everyone else runs scared.”

I am the exorcist of last resort when all other methods have failed and or the Catholic Church has turned you down. I’m the witch you call when your house has been blessed by the priests of every church in town and you are still afraid to be there alone. I have worked in haunted churches, houses, and various other locations. I will work with anyone of any religion, race, or whatever. I was raised a witch in an interfaith family. I have been doing this all my life, and performed my first successful banishing at age 7. I’m a Wiccan High Priestess ordained since 2005.

Listen live on your computer to, or call in with questions 619-639-4606.
If you know you’re going to listen later but have a question, look on the facebook events page and leave a question there. We’ll try to answer it during the show.

If you can’t tune in 8-9, Live archives its shows by date, and I archive them by date, guest, and topic on my website:

Hope you can join Sarah and me tomorrow night from 8-9 at the New Normal on







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