Christopher Kimball is a National Council of Geocosmic Research certified level 1 Astrologer, published fantasy author of “Battle Priest” and “Succession Wars” and has been a member of the Connecticut Pagan community for more than twenty-five years. Currently he is a Anglo-Saxon Heathen and lives a varied and geminian life, having fought in the SCA, learned equestrianism and fencing, white-water canoed the Pine River in Michigan, piloted a research vessel in the Atlantic, hiked the Grand Canyon and the lower Colorado River and grown up in the woods and fields of rural New England. Chris has also hiked the farms and undeveloped land of Connecticut for the better part of the last 50 years and has been the Hike Master for the CWPN’s hikes.


The Ancients, Their Names and Natures

Talking to the World

Folktales: A look Backward


The Ancients, Their Names and Natures

Folktales: A look Backward

The Wolf People


Before the Norse Gods

The Pagan Origins of the Calendar and the Holidays


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