Ritual Spotlight: Labyrinth Ritual

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Maze at Honor’s Haven

The labyrinth is a transformative tool. Its nature is such that to enter it you must choose a path perpendicular to where you wish to travel, and only when you release the goal and embrace the journey to you find yourself at the center. Travelers will be asked to contemplate the ideas of “to Know”, “to Will”, “to Dare”, and “to be Silent” as you navigate the beautiful outdoor labyrinth. You will be met in the center and be offered an opportunity for deep sacred witnessing. Our ritual will be a Reclaiming style rite if self-directed journey done in silence. It will take as long as you need. It can be as deep as you desire. The labyrinth is a tool of service. You are welcome to bring drums, rattles, journals, art supplies as you see fit. Please dress appropriately as we will be outside. Blessed Be.

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