Ethics with Kathleen Egbert n’Astarte


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My religion requires one to be responsible for everything she does. Since what I put out comes back to me three times, much of what comes to me is my responsibility also. What does this mean? Well, besides the obvious suggestion one keep one’s words soft as one might have to eat them, it also means one should have a highly evolved sense of ethics.

What are ethics? How do they apply to daily llife? How do they apply to religious life? How do they apply to magical life? How do they apply to divination? How do they apply to teaching? How do they apply to … etc., etc., etc.? Lecture followed by discussion. We’ll only have one period for the class, so if things get heated or repetitive, the instructor will become dictatorial. If there is a real problem, we can find some place to wrangle. Prerequisites: the ability to listen with ears vs. mouth, highly evolved sense of courtesy, open mind.