All About Water- Trent Millet



Partnering with the Water Within & around Us! Since birth, we have been drenched with the awareness that water is essential to life. Our new awareness of ancient knowledge now shows us that water is life.

Each of us swims toward our physical existence through the ambionic waters of birth. We are up to 85% water. This water, this liquid miracle, comes from a natural, earthy source still to be found. We will look at the attributes and characteristics of the liquid self within….the water we are determines our natural fluidic base, its changes, and our control of that percentage of our bodies. We’ll explore the waters that cleanse us, detoxify us, re-establish our healthy base fluids, and how our bodies dance with the minerals, cell salts, oxygen and other gasses in natural waters to maintain and perpetuate perfect health.
We will glance at water’s memory and resonance, its ability as a “Liquid Crystal” to hold and use intent, and how water transmits information into our water-body.
We’ll look at the at-home uses of water in massage, ritual, hydrotherapy and First Aid. Hydrotherapy, as developed in the world’s hospitals, is the simple use of water pressure, temperature, and movement to activate changes and balances in our mechanical body.
We will also look at where these waters are still available in their natural habitat: the miracle of Saratoga, NY, the Southwest US, and at the great spas of Europe. We will “swim through” what has been discovered and known for centuries about their healing properties and potential for renewed health.
In dipping into the aspects of hydrotherapy, the power and meaning of the movement and flow of water, perhaps we’ll rediscover some of our own movements, fluidities, and psychological abilities. To pool our strength, to flow smoothly, to move gracefully around the obstacles of life is to slide into the force and the power available to us with in this feminine energy.
We’ll take a sip of modern and ancient methods, rituals, stories and mythologies relating to aspects and perceptions of water; flowing finally into the consciousness inherent in water, and thus, inherent within ourselves.