Panel spotlight: Magick technology

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Too often we think of magick as a throw-back to primitive times and pre-technological cultures. But magick and technology do mix, often very well. Many entities find it easier to communicate between worlds through energy manipulation (perhaps it’s a frequency thing). Other times they mix poorly- we all know someone who cannot wear a watch without it breaking within a few days, or whose presence seems to create static on electronic devices.

Yet, what are many sorts of divination but random number generators, and what bettehell nor than a computer to do that? If you would test it yourself, try going to websites like facade and judge for yourself. Our panel will discuss the intersection of technology and magick. There are now apps and programs aimed at metaphysical practice, electronic grimoires, on line covens and other working groups. We live in the world with computers, we use them to make a living, pay our bills, play,… why not incorporate them in our magickal lives as well?

Come to the Atrium and listen to several of our speakers and guests talking about various issues. (let us know if you’d like to be on a panel, you don’t have to be a speaker, just have something to say about the topic. Let us know , or come to the facebook group and join the conversation!)

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