Panel highlight: Troubleshooting Magick Roundtable

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This one has homework! Please bring questions. Wodan_heilt_Balders_Pferd_by_Emil_Doepler

If you’ve tried to do something with magick and it hasn’t worked, our experienced magick users will help you try to figure out what you did or didn’t do (or did in the wrong order, etc.) so that it didn’t work, or didn’t work the way you’d intended.

Come prepared to explain what you did- in some detail- because it could be your materials, could be your timing, could be your process ( like preparation, execution, finishing up), or something else, and our experienced magick users will try to figure out what you can change to be more successful next time you try it.

Moderator Rev. Robert Nolan  (time/location TBD)

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