Happy Crystal Skull World Day

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Crystal Skull World Day is held the Sunday of 4th week of November.

When I was a kid I loved the stories about “the Crystal Skull”, a unique artifact with unknown mystical properties. As I got bigger I discovered there were more than one. These days crystal skulls are available in many shops, and yet they still are said to have amazing occult properties.

According to the Crystal Skull World Day website “Crystal Skull World Day is an event created by a group of dedicated guardians in order bring together people who share the same profound passion for crystal skulls. All the members are volunteers and have given their time and effort to put together this fantastic event.”

The reproduction skulls are said to be healing, and are popular among New Age and other enthusiasts. After all, like so many other energetic affects, how one will interact with someone’s energetic field depends on the person and the skull. Different materials like amethyst or jade, also result in different properties, although carved stone skulls are still referred to as ‘crystal’ as a group.

We perhaps don’t even need to mention how popular skulls are in the rest of the world, whether from the last Indiana Jone movie, or as jewelry, Halloween and Day of the Dead decor, or just weird stuff like using it as a Vodka bottle or cups.

Fun is fun, but CTCW attendees are generally more interested in what we can do with the ones we can use to improve our lives.

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