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At some point most of us experience something that our friends (parents or teachers) say couldn’t possibly happen. We see a ghost or a vision, or have a dream come true, or interact with someone others can’t see. Far too many end up wondering if there’s something wrong with them. “Am I going crazy?” The lucky ones have families or a culture who recognize what’s happening and are able to tell them how to use their abilities, but even they are often told to keep the abilities “private” so that they don’t suffer from the prejudice of our modern parent culture.

What a joy it is when we find a friend or a group that is ready to listen, who understands that you are doing something normal, and wonderful! But depending upon where fate leads you, you may find yourself blessed with the company of mediums (like the Spiritualist Church over in Lily Vale). You may find modern Wiccans or Witches. You may find the American Society of Dowsers, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, or the Parapsychological Association, or Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.. There are so many because everyone has these abilities. But different people interpret the same phenomenon in different ways. What one person may understand as a guide, another may see as a fairy, or a shamanic totem. The being who steps in to protect and aid you may be seen as an angel, or a god.

Sadly, in order to fit in with the parent culture, many of us fall into a pattern of joining them when they mock other believers than the ones we’ve joined. “Sure, I’m a witch, but I’m not a crystal sucking dolphin channeler! Those New Age types are crazy!” or “We heathens have our feet solidly on the ground and our practice is based in the Lore, unlike those silly pagans! We’re the religion with homework!” or “Those ghost hunters are so lame! They’re only in it for the publicity! Orbs are nothing but dust on their film!” etc. etc. etc.  If we are going to change the environment of the parent culture, we’re going to have to stop joining it when it makes fun of things we don’t understand. We all have filters through which we interpret our experiences, but surely there is enough reason to accept that what others experience is real. If we can get together and listen with respect, we can get past our words and our filters and bring a nonthreatening and more accurate view of a physical world integrated with the energy world.

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