Here is the schedule for thus year’s wonderful, entirely on-line conference!

The links to the live classes will be sent to those who have paid their registration fee, shortly before the conference begins on Monday, November 7th, 2022.


Look who will be speaking at this year’s conference!

Here is the link to register:

CTCW 2022 Registration | Changing Times Changing Worlds

(Updated on 05/19/2022)

Our theme for 2022 will be:

Connecting The Worlds: The Magic of Yew

We are actively seeking class/workshop proposals ( and panel suggestions:

(Updated on 02/10/2022)

The conference will be held November 7th through 13th, 2022.

Our theme for 2022 will be:

Connecting The Worlds: The Magic of Yew

We have been watching the evolving pandemic situation, and have made the difficult decision to once again have a virtual, entirely on-line conference, using Zoom.

As we have done for the past 2 years, we will have a mix of workshops and panels, and maybe something new as well. While the exact hours are not set yet, we are planning on evenings during the week, and full days on Saturday and Sunday.

We welcome your input on this, either on our Facebook page, or through the “Contact Us” page here on the site. And if you want to help make the conference happen, reach out to us! We will shortly be accepting class and workshop proposals as well.

CTCW goals:

Our goals:To teach effective, practical use of energy work and magick;

To encourage intermediate and advanced work, classes and presentations;

To better grasp the history of esoteric studies and spiritual practices;

To foster communication between the communities who study and practice these.

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