Class Spotlight: Yamaya workshop & auction

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YemayaYemaya-Queen of the Seas: You all KNOW Her by the waves of the ocean, the smell of the sea, Her ”blue”: dress of the water and by the COMPANY She regularly keeps! For She is the Mother of all of the Orisha especially Her son Chango/Sango/Shango.She’s also the cousin of the Goddess Ast/Ausset/Isis. She’s the Queen of the Mermaid and Mermen. Stir does the sea when She dances ! She’s the Mother of fish….She’s YEMAYA !! In this class, we’ll look at Yemaya and Her influence on our modern lives; in an out of the water! Then we’ll construct a small special dance to bring forth Yemaya energies into our bodies! I’ll close the class with the exercise of making “Yemaya” water. Everyone who wishes will be taking home a small sample back home with them. Material fees $4.00 (for making the Yamaya water)

(This workshop is being put off until next year so that Lady AMber Dawn won’t have to do 3 large workshops in one weekend.)

Lady AMber Dawn  has been a very activeGenise white (linked in) Magickal force in the Occult world since 1993.  She is a tarot card reader, a Usui and Sacred Flame Master-Teacher for 12 years in total, an Isian, a Witch, a practitioner of the Voudoun religion and is presently learning more about the religion of Umbanda through The Temple of Guaracy of Washington D.C.

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