Aura Awareness Day

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It’s not just us. The world knows that there’s an energetic part of reality. International Aura Awareness Day was established in 2002 to create awareness of this. Aura Day takes place the fourth Saturday in November.

There’s a reasonable agreement on what an aura is, although there’s a huge range of theories about how it works, and what knowing about it can do. Early Spiritualists, Swedenborgians, and others mentioned the “subtle emanation around living beings”, medieval Christians as well as Hindus and Buddhists represent holy people surrounded by light, which indicates that some people have always been able to perceive auras. In Greek, the word aura means breeze or upper air, in Latin or breeze or breath.
Some people can see auras, others can’t. I know I don’t, but we used to annoy my sister because her aura was palpable by almost everyone, and we would play with it.

We think of auras as surrounding people, but all living things have energy fields: plants, animals, and perhaps other things we would consider inanimate. Certainly no one doubts that a magnet is surrounded by an energy field. But auras aren’t magnetic, they’re something else, and this field responds to physical, psychological and spiritual changes. Some humans can see them, some cameras and other devices can record them. They can be used to diagnose and sometimes affect moods and illnesses. Some say fixing holes in your aura can keep energy from leaking out. Similarly, some emotions can taint your aura, causing physical illness, which clears up when the aura is energetically cleansed.
As energy within the body is said to run through meridians, it is also said to radiate out from the body in layers, sometimes described as etheric, emotional, mental, astral, celestial, spiritual, and other terms used to explain how that layer interacts with different parts of the aura. Each layer seems to serve a different function. Some are tight to our body- and may be the energetic component of the physical body, while other parts can extend yards out from us. These fields also change in size and shape (and color).

Those who read auras say that certain colors can tell us what’s going on in our energy field. With the advent of aura technology, we can all get a peek at what our auras are doing- before and after meditation comparisons are fun.

Red – fearless and passionate
Pink – Deeply sensitive and gentle in nature
Orange – creative and full of emotion
Yellow – Confident and happy with high self-esteem
Tan – Practical and detail-oriented
Green – Natural born self-healers who are drawn to nature and animals
Blue – Caring, nurturing, and protective
Purple – Charismatic with a powerful personality
White – Spiritually motivated, positive, and uplifting (These descriptions are from the National Day Calendar holiday description.)

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