Changing Times Changing Worlds will have a full track of panels again this year. Our Panel Selection Committee has lots of ideas, but we’d also love to hear yours.

If the workshops are the muscles of the conference, the panels are the bones. One of the goals of CTCW is to get people to discuss the many different approaches to the supernatural and paranormal that we’ve learned, to compare, and learn from each other. We pick panels that are meant to put forward topics that can be looked at in different ways: shamanism, symbolism, healing, ghosts, divination, magick, psychic abilities. We pick panelists who will probably approach the topic from different points of view, and different experiences.

Please feel free to suggest any topic you’d like to hear explored, whether you want to participate in the panel or just listen. But you don’t need to be an expert on a topic to be on a panel, your experience makes you an expert on what you’ve seen. Perhaps you don’t know enough to do a workshop, but each panelist will probably only get about 10 minutes of speaking time, so this might be a great way for you to “get your toes wet” as it were, and share what you know “a little” about. It still may be something other people didn’t know about and will help them understand the overall subject.

Or you may simply want to hear about a subject from several points of view. Let us know- if four people are interested, you’ll get to hear at least four points of view (maybe more).

The Selection Committee consists of the following:

  • Tchipakkan Taylor, Conference Chair emeritus and founder
  • Thor Halvorsen, past presenter
  • Sacred Owl Quinones, past presenter

The committee will review submitted panel ideas for general suitability to the theme and ideals of the conference. All panels that pass these criteria will be listed on the web site as potential panels.
Presenters and attendees will be invited to sign up for panels they would like to participate in. We’ll review the sign-ups as the conference program solidifies, and will run the panels which have gathered most participant interest. No matter how wonderful we think the topic is, we can’t hold a panel if no one wants to be a panelist.
We encourage you to submit multiple ideas. The form handles a maximum of four proposals, but if you have more ideas than that, you can submit a second form.

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