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Akichita Wakan’: Way of the Sacred Warrior- Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Alchemical Gold – Ariel Sirocco


Ancestors in Norse and Sámi Traditions- Jane Sibley


Ancestors of Spirit: Ancestorwork for the Disconnected- Kathryn Smith


Being the Change- Sue McIntosh


Break Down Blocks with E.F.T. …  – Catherine Kane


Create Your Sentence of Passion – Corbie Mitleid


Deathwork and Animal Companions- Kathryn Smith


Deck-a-Dance Corbie Mitleid


Essential Oils – Colleen McCartney


Guest Right- Robert Nolan


Hidden Magic: Esoteric teachings from traditional Ballads and Folktales- Kathryn Smith


Honoring the Moments- Laura Wildman Hanlon


Into the Dark: Working With Our Shadow- Seanara


Intro to Flower Essence Counseling – Ellen Evert Hopman




Little Manifestations – Catherine Kane


Making Kitchen Medicines – Ellen Evert Hopman


Medieval Dagger – Sir Christian Tobler


Meeting the Handmaidens of Frigga – Linda Demissy


Menopause: Embracing Your Inner Demon- Claire Fitzpatrick


The Mighty Dead in Norse Tradition – Jane Sibley


Nightmares and Demons- Spawn the Supreme Being


Nine Sisters: Gods and Goddesses of the Northern Seas – Raven Kaldera




The Other Kind- Spawn the Supreme Being


The Palmist Goes to Work (Money and Career in the Palm of Your Hand)- Catherine Kane


Palmisty to aid in communication- Adam Latin – cancelled


Pentagrams – Kathleen N’Astarte  one hour


The Practical Empath… Empathy 101- Catherine Kane


The Practical Necronomicon: From work of fiction to magickal path – Starwolf




Role Playing Games as Worship- Spawn the Supreme Being


Introduction to Runes- Tchipakkan


Introduction to RúnValdr – Tchipakkan


RúnValdr Activation- Tchipakkan


RúnValdr Advanced Practice –Tchipakkan


Sacred Geometry: the Point, the Circle, the Triangle, the Square –Ariel Sirocco


Sacred Meat And Leather: Being A Spiritual Omnivore – Raven Kaldera


Sacred Sexuality & Food- Claire Fitzpatrick


Soul Fusion – Sue McIntosh, M.D.


Spirit Suppers by Linda Demissy of Lokabrenna Kindred


Symbolism in Selohaar Ceremony – Lady Maureen Chalmers


Tea Party and Manifestation- Starwolf and Catherine Kane


Taking Control: Creating Personalized Tarot Spreads- Laura Wildman Hanlon


Taking up the Shawl – Andrea Brenton


Talismans, Sigils and Amulets: Oh My! “Introduction to Symbology” –Ariel Sirocco


Talking To The Spirits: Getting Better Signal Clarity- Raven Kaldera


This is not your Grandmother’s Tarot Deck – Sew Magickal


A Touch of Acupressure -the Point is Feeling Better…  – Catherine Kane


Trance Tips from a Hypnotist – Linda DeMissy


Tricksters: Essence of Change – Coyote SkyWoman


Wards and Barriers- Larry Obern


Ancestor Panel


Mentors and Teacher’s Panel


End of Life/Death Panel


Familiars Panel


Healing Panel:


Crafting as a Spiritual Act


Weather Working Panel


Death Rituals


Leylines and energy pools Panel


New Age Radio shows


New Age

Mythology- new myths for the modern world


Otherkin Panel


Happy Squirrel Panel


Elders Panel


House Sharers Panel: elves, ghosts and others who share our homes




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