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resized_IMG_0078While we can’t build the actual schedule until we have all the proposals in (we’ll post it as soon as we can- probably in early September), we will be adding the workshops that we have chosen to run as they come in. .




Amulets & Talismans: Charms of Mystical Power with Luna Jacker

These are the ones we know will run thus far:

In this workshop we will learn about Amulet, Talismans, and Charms that can ward off evil and protect against danger, grant mystical powers, raise your vibration, bring happiness, prosperity etc. We can make an Evil eye amulet to hang in our home, or office to grant us protection etc.


Ancestor Ritual with AVee Baron

Ritual honoring the ancestors.

Ancestry Veneration and Practice, what I’ve learned and Considerations with  Thor Halvorsen

This class will discuss the philosophy, approach, and considerations for approaching ancestral veneration, and ways one can honor their ancestors, and the core of the beliefs and practice.


Angelic Alchemy: Manifesting with the Angelic Realm with Luna Hacker

How to contact, work and further develop your spiritual practice with the angels. We will learn about how to choose the right angel for your need, prepare sacred space, call the angels, angelic prayers, sigil working, and develop your spiritual practice with the angels. I will also host a healing ceremony with the Angels at the End of workshop.

Art, Magic and Religion: Sacred Images with Tchipakkan

Most cultures created images to enhance their practices- from voodoo dolls and ex votos to icons and idols, sacred images, from Michaelangelo painting the Systine Chapel to Inuit carving fetishes, people have used images to create tangible links to the intangible world. We will examine historical practices and modern pagan adaptations and innovations.

Before the Norse gods with Chris Kimball

The precursors to Scandinavian religions and the nature of the beings in their belief.

Cartomancy with AVee Baron

Learn basics of reading playing cards as a Divination tool.








Clearing & Releasing Negative Programs with Catherine Kane

I know what to do-so why don’t I do it? Most of us have beliefs (conscious or un-) that sabotage our ability to learn, grow and live our dreams. It’s time to clean house. Join us for a lightning tour of an assortment of methods (including an amazing 30 second release) of clearing negative energy, releasing dysfunctional beliefs, increasing positive energy and putting ourselves back in the driver’s seats of our lives. Better energy attracts a better life.

Communication with the gods and supernatural beings w/ Jane Sibley

How do the gods and supernaturals contact us humans, and how do we get their attention? We will explore various paths, such as prayer/invocation, sacrifice, ritual actions, etc. as well as various kinds of responses (if any) from the supernatural plane(s).

Double Edged Sword: Rhetoric, practice and inclusionism/exclusionism with Thor Halvorsen

Trigger warn yourself! This class will discuss the double-edged sword of exclusionism/isolationism in practice, how excess of nationalism/ supremacy is hurting paganism. Will discuss possible origins, and is it cultural or reactionary? Does it have a place in paganism– greater good vs freedom of speech/expression? Example discussion will be about the labeling the AFA as hate group, and another example being the Sons of Odin nationalist group (Order 13).

Ecstatic Ritual with Davis Sprague

We begin with a discussion of just what differentiates ecstatic ritual from other types of ritual. What does ecstasy mean? How is an ecstatic experience defined and how is it integrated into ritual either by serendipity or ritual engineering? How do we raise energy? How do we move energy to create space for the natural human state of ecstasy?

The Eightfold Path of Altered States with Raven Kaldera

Spirit-workers and magicians the world over, and all throughout time, have used a variety of methods to go into altered states. From there, they could access other worlds and touch divine forces. This class will give you a map of the eight roads to that unique place, covering methods of altered states used by all cultures, some more dangerous than others. From the Path of Rhythm to the Path of Sacred Plants to the Path of Meditation to the Ordeal Path, we’ll explore them all. We will not, however, be using these methods in class; this is discussion only.

Ereshkigal: Great Lady Below with Sara Mastros

Ereshkigal, the Babylonian Queen of the Underworld, is mostly known only as the “villain” of Ishtar’s descent myth. However, she is a powerful, amazing, and compassionate goddess on her own. 45 minutes of storytelling and lecture, followed by a 45 minute guided trance journey.

Ex-Static Kabbalah with Sara Mastros

This is a class in Prophetic Kabbalah.  I will be Teaching it as a Prophecy, so I will be deep in trance for some portions, and hopefully so will any of you who wish to join me..  For that reason, please try to keep distractions to a minimum.  I will pause several times during the teaching to questions, and to give us all time for a little break during the magic.  The goal of the magic we will be preforming is to teach you as much as possible of the kabbalah, to awaken the desire in you to learn more, and to give you some tools to learn more.

The Forge as Altar with Robert Nolan

A look at the spiritual aspects connected with the act of blacksmithing. From the historical perspective dating back to the early Celts through a modern interpretation.

Good Vibrations: Energetic Resonance of Tools and Modalities with Maryalyce Merrit

Crystals, Essential Oils, Chakras, Auras, Reiki, Color Therapy, Sound Healing, Channeling, Sacred Geometry, Magick, Prayer… we will link it all through energetic resonance. In this class, we will explore these topics, how they work, and how they can be linked together. We will discuss what it means to “vibrate higher”, how we can do this. What lowers our vibration, brings us down, harshes our mellow? What is the reason for working with light and shadow? Why do we need that balance and how can that help us to heal and to be better equipped to reach others? It is all about vibration and we will delve into all of this and more. 90 minutes


During this workshop about how to prepare for winter coughs, colds and flu. We’ll make several simple effective herbal remedies including elderberry syrup, sage-horehound cough drops, and Echinacea tincture. Participant will take home recipes and samples of herbal remedies we discussed during the workshop. Will also be Speaking about Dosages.

Hypnosis Made Easy with Guzalia Davis

Introduction to hypnosis/self-hypnosis. Practical techniques to aid magic workings, improve health and life in general.

I Am – The Documentar,  with discussion led by Coyote Skywoman

Two sessions showing this documentary film and then discussing it with the unique population of Changing Times-Changing World. If you haven’t seen this movie, this is a great opportunity.

“I AM is a …non-fiction film that poses two practical and provocative questions: what’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better?   The filmmaker behind the inquiry is Tom Shadyac. [known for comedy] however, in I AM, Shadyac steps in front of the camera to recount what happened to him after a cycling accident left him incapacitated, possibly for good. Though he ultimately recovered, he emerged with a new sense of purpose, determined to share his own awakening to his prior life of excess and greed, and to investigate how he as an individual, and we as a race, could improve the way we live and walk in the world….Shadyac interviews scientists, psychologists, artists, environmentalists, authors, activists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, and others in his quest for truth.   Bishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Noam Chomsky, historian Dr. Howard Zinn, physicist Lynne McTaggart, and poet Coleman Banks are some of the subjects who engage in fascinating dialogue with Shadyac.”

Introduction to Dowsing with Sean Kane

In this workshop people who’ve never dowsed before will successfully dowse using L-rods and pendulums, and experienced dowsers may pick up a new technique or two.


Labyrinth magic with Stephanie Segar

Walking meditations are a fun thing to explore, especially if we get prone to anxiety or over thinking. There are many times when people can find it hard to relax, and sometimes by doing something as simple as a walking meditation – we can achieve a state of altered consciousness where we can open ourselves up to listening to Spirit. Many people are able to stitch lessons together, as well as receive messages. See what the labyrinth has in store for you in this interactive, hands on class.

Kabbalah: Concepts and Historical Overview with Kathryn Smith

The Kabbalah, borrowed originally from Jewish mysticism, has become a fundamental building block of Western Esoteric studies. With mysterious diagrams, Hebrew letters, and often Hebrew terminology, it can seem impenetrable to the new student. In this class I’ll present a historical overview of the major texts and schools, both Jewish and Christian, and a quick summary of the concepts and terminology. This is a lecture class, aimed at providing a starting point for more advanced study, either self-directed or in other classes.

Learn to Be A Happy Hooker: Intro to Crochet with Lois Fitzpatrick

Doing handcrafts can be a way to relax, and for some, it is a necessary part of what makes them happy. This class will cover the very basics of crochet. Students should bring a crochet hook in size G, H, or I, and a small amount of yarn such as Lion Yarn’s “Vanna’s Choice”, “Sugar and Cream”, or a similar weight (Yaren Weight class 4 on label).

Living in the Spirit of the Kabyle: The Practicality of the Iqbayliyen with Rebecca Hamilton-Oubouzar

Work, chores, cooking, cleaning… day-to-day life can be a real drag, right? If you’re Kabyle, the ordinary is magic. Join Lalla Rebecca as we explore the history and culture of the Kabyle, including how their symbology is used for the Kahina Stones, a unique system of divination.


Manifesting with the Saints: Working with the Saints to bring good things to life with Luna Hacker

Saints are recognized virtuous people, said to be in Heaven, who have been set apart either by the Catholic Church or by everyday people in the case of Folk Saints. They are venerated and known to intercede on behalf of humans. In this workshop we will learn about specific Saints, What they are good for, How you can use them to manifest, raise your vibration, and protect yourself. You will learn tips on how to set up an altar, petition, and work with these Saints.


Marketing Your Metaphysical Business with Jenn Waltner

“Where attention goes, energy flows.” If you want to take your metaphysical skills from hobby to business, you need to pay some attention in marketing. Learn how to set reasonable marketing goals based on the time and money you can realistically invest. Find out which marketing methods and social media channels are the best options for a variety of businesses and offerings – readings, healing sessions, artwork, jewelry, or a combination of goods and services. Get low-cost options for connecting with the right clients, and cheat sheets for how to get started promoting yourself.


Medicine of the Courageous Heart with Stephanie Seger

To live in todays world takes a lot of courage. Not because it’s a scary world out there, but because it takes courage to do the right thing – and many times the right thing is so hard to do. Learn some of the major threads that connect most shamanic traditions together in what is called the “Four Fold Way”. Dr. Angeles Arrien is a cultural anthropologist who has studied with many of the indigenous cultures in order to stitch together this cosmology of the Courageous Heart. The heart has four chambers which work together in a big medicine wheel. The four chambers are the Healer, Warrior, Teacher, and Visionary. Learn about the medicine of our time to help transform yourself and the communities around you to live a full-hearted life. It’s time to stop doing things so half-heartedly, and to step more fully into our power.


Mythical Pathworking With Astrology with Raven Kaldera

Astrology is a tool not only of divination, but of spiritual understanding….but far too often, novice astrologers get swamped and confused by all those abstract symbols, strange jargon, and shallow “cookbook” descriptions. That’s the “scientific” way to learn astrology….this workshop will talk about the shamanic way to learn it, which is all about understanding the myths and stories that the cosmic clock has to tell us, and how to work with them to change your life. By the author of “MythAstrology”.

Norseworking with Jane Sibley

Session should be held late (say, 10 pm) and it may run for several hours. Need a large room with chairs set in a circle, with a small table in the center. OK to do this after concert(s) on Sat. night. This is a high-energy circle in the Norse tradition, in which we will do healing, fertility magic, charging of major tools, experimental magic, distance work, and whatever else needs doing. Once the ritual begins, the room will be sealed and guarded, so please come on time, fed and rested, and pottied. Due to the high energies we will be working with, anyone (no matter their expertise) who has never been to a Norseworking before must be present for a brief grounding excercise, just before the circle is set. It is also recommended that babies and children do not attend; as it would be bad form to toast them.

Open Healing

One of CTCW’s favorite events, this space is held with a variety of intentions and benefits the practitioners and recipients alike. We open this space for practitioners who would like more experience with a new-to-them modality or with a modality or technique they may not have used in a while as well as those who would like to join us to give and receive a session. We also welcome people who are in need of a healing boost to come and experience a modality they may not have experienced before. During this time, sessions will be shorter (although not necessarily less effective) and this is also a time when we learn from each other and depart feeling relaxed, empowered, grateful, and all good things. Healing practitioners who volunteer their time for this often learn tips and new techniques to add to their healing toolbox. Note: Open Healing sessions are not meant to replace full sessions given by our amazing practitioners who are available throughout the conference. Practitioners who wish to participate should email Maryalyce at with a short bio & healing modalities being offered. Recipients who would like to be worked on should use the sign-up sheets posted on the door of the Healing Room.

Pagan Kosher: How what we eat can save the planet (and our health too) with Selina Rifkin

How we produce food is the greatest change we can make in affecting the planet and our humanity. From pasture or field to table, the difference between food produced biodynamically and food produced with industrial farming methods is a gulf bigger than the Grand Canyon. We all know local food is more healthy for humans, but did you know it is healing for the Earth? Come and find out why what goes in your mouth is the most decisive thing you can do as an environmentalist.

The pagan origins of the calendar and the holidays with Chris Kimball

The meaning of the names of days and months as well as the pagan underpinnings of the Sabbats and major secular holidays.

Past Life Regression  with Guzalia Davis

Learn to facilitate Past Life Regression for yourself and others. Step by step guide to regression. Group hypnosis session at the end of workshop.

Practical Grounding and Centering with Starwolf

Grounding (facilitating energy flow by connecting with the Earth) and centering (stilling inner distractions and finding energetic balance) are both useful and necessary first skills to any serious magickal or energetic work. Done regularly, they’re not only helpful in metaphysics, but also a healthy practice for manging stress and dealing with the everyday distractions that disrupt your inner balance. Come learn the basics of practical grounding and centering.

The Popularity of Self-help type spells and why they do or don’t work with Rev. HPS Sarah Livermore

Spells for courage, happiness, love, and overcoming a variety of psychological issues are popular and available in books, on the internet, and in every new age shop on the planet. They make up one of the many forms of self-help out there in the pop psychology universe. How do they really work and why do they often fail? A guide to self-help spells and rituals.

Positive Paranormal : It doesn’t have to be spooky or morbid with Rev. HPS Sarah Livermore

The joys of helping others both living and dead. Dispelling common misconceptions about paranormal field work. Positive techniques for getting spirits to interact for great evidence in investigations, without the overused tactic of provoking activity.

Publish your Own Tarot or Oracle Deck with Kathryn Smith

Have you ever wished you could publish a tarot deck you designed, but thought you would have to interest a major publisher or make a large financial investment to print it yourself? Neither of those are practical for many of us, but don’t give up on your vision on that account. Books are not the only thing that can be printed on demand with current technology. This class will discuss options for print-on-demand publication of tarot decks and similar tools, starting with an overview for the non-technical, and proceeding to a detailed technical discussion. Please note, this is a class focused on how to get the images of a deck you’ve designed out there for others to use, not on how to decide what content to include in your deck.

Raindrop  Technique  with Denise Orzeck

Overview of Raindrop Technique: The What, Why, and How it is done. List the oils and their properties. Full demonstration showing the various hand movements.

RúnValdr with Sean Kane

This is a system of energy healing using Runes and another set of symbols given to Rodney Cox by Odin and Freya. This workshop introduces the symbols and what each of them is used for, and includes the attunement. It does NOT include introduction to runes. You may take this workshop without knowing the runes, but you will need to learn them to be able to use this system. RúnValdr has similarities to Reiki, but can be used for healing from migraines to ADD, making magickal objects, astral travel, channeling energies, and more. You will be able to use this technique immediately.

Sacred Drumming and the power of Song in Ritual with Stephanie Segar

There are many that use singing, dancing, and drumming to achieve an altered state of consciousness. In this hands-on workshop, drums will be provided. This will be both a teaching workshop, as well as an interactive drumming workshop. The experiential will be interwoven in with the teachings, and we will drop down from our head consciousness into our heart. When in the realm of the heart, we feel, experience, and move with the energy that flows through us – instead of just think about and contemplate. Join us in this fun class! Bring your own drum, only about 15-20 drums available. If you wish to borrow a drum, come to the workshop early to claim it for the workshop itself.

Sociology of Paganism with Thor Halvorsen

This class will look at the construct of paganism from the lens of Culture, social structure, identity, and interaction with the muggle world, and sidestep into religious colonialists ramifications. This will also discuss role expectation, and appropriation and practice.

Shhhhhh! Mindful Morning MediTEAtion for Non-Morning People

Tea is liquid joy. Join us quietly for a silent meditation facilitated by Gabriella and Akasha’s Heart before our conference begins. If you are a slow waker-upper like we are, you are welcome to join us for mindful tea preparing & consuming. It is understood that many of us do not wish to socialize prior to the comfort & ritual of having our morning tea. There are things we can do to make this ritual a more mindful experience like stirring in our accoutrements using sigils or symbols, stirring deosil or widdershins, and of course choosing a tea has specific herbal properties. During our time together, there will be energetically light information provided on handouts and signs. You are welcome to join us in your pajamas & slippers, but this will be a silent gathering for the morning mopies like us to sink into delicious, comforting tea and not have to engage our brain cells. Akasha’s Journey will provide a variety of teas and sweeteners. You are encouraged to bring your own mug or tea cup.

The Spirit of Wealth with Selina Rifkin

What do you think about when the word money is spoken? How does your body feel? What images do you see? Do you tense up or relax? Get excited or feel afraid? Money is often portrayed as the root of all evil, leaving us ambivalent about earning it, and ashamed of speaking about our personal finances. Learning about money, and lifting the shame that surrounds it can start you on a path to greater financial well-being. This class combines spiritual intent and ethics, with a grounded knowledge of how money actually works.

Time, the Sixth Element? with Davis Sprague

Most of us work with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Some of us also work with Quintessence as the fifth element. But what of Time? Have we glossed over, and some believe disrespected, one of the most powerful connectors and building blocks of magick, which might be an element unto itself. We will discuss and work with mediation, ritual techniques and magick to build reconnection with Einstein’s “stubbornly persistent illusion”, Time.

Time Magic 101 “Making spells move backward in time.” with Ray Taylor

Explaining how magic “Processes” thru time, and how to change it.

Time 201 “Casting Instantaneous Ranged spells” with Ray Taylor

Explaining how magic Bounced byway of another Plane, can be “Processed” backwards in Time. To appear instantaneous, at another place on our Plane.

Time 301 “Personal Rewind Button” with Ray Taylor

Explaining how to “Process” your Own consciousness backwards, by bouncing it off another Plane. To change a Recent decision.

Transgendered Spirituality with Raven Kaldera

We have been symbols of the sacred two-in-one for thousands of years. Come hear the ancient stories about us, and rediscover our sacred nature. For transgendered people of all stripes, and anyone who is just interested in more direct ways of spiritually balancing male and female. By the author of “Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook”.

Vision Boards- Personal Tools with Catherine Kane

The Law of Attraction says that we attract more of whatever we put our attention on. A Vision board is a personalized tool for doing just that. In this hands-on class, we’ll look at a wide variety of vision boards and ways to use them to focus our energy and manifest our dreams. After a meditation exercise to help us focus our goals and dream big, we’ll make our own unique vision boards to start attracting more of what we want in life.

Werewolves- History and Legend with Tchipakkan

I’ll cover shape shifters and lycanthropes from the Norse berserkers to the witches of the early renaissance, (mostly concentrating on European) to modern interpretations in media, gaming, and magickal theory and practice. What do these accounts have in common, and what does modern shamanic practice show us about these legends?

You Should Give A Class with Lois Fitzpatrick

If you are knowledgeable in a subject, you might have people say to you something like “You know so much about (whatever it is). Why don’t you teach it?” But you think to yourself “ I could never do that”. But you can. In this class we will discuss ways to give a class, things to do and not to do, how to prepare, etc., to make the class a good experience for both you and your students.

Do check out previous years workshops, and maybe download and listen to some.

or… if you want, we are still accepting proposals until the end of July.


If you’d like to make suggestions or tell us what you’d like to see at the con, please join the facebook group. If this event is going to evolve, it needs your input.






















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