Workshop Spotlight: Fireology

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Fireology: with Ariel Sirocco
Fire has been an important part of all cultures and
religions, from pre-history to modern day, and was vital to the
development of Civilization.  With such a rich and wide landscape, are
we placing “the idea of fire” in its proper mental, esoteric, and
ritual framework?  In this lecture, we’ll look at the very roots of
“Fire” and its Promethean legacy.  We’ll explore spiritual and cosmic
fire, the “terrestrial fire” of the Tartarus, and how human evolution,
both culturally and anatomically, was touched by this divine
elemental.  In this lecture, we will take the swaddling clothes off
our current understanding of the “fire mythos,” taking these beliefs
out of their modern infancy, pass the fantastic, and into the reality
of the truly unbelievable where fact is always stranger than fiction.
This is a TWO-HOUR CLASS with a PowerPoint presentation and handouts.

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