Where do Old Psychics Go to Die?: Proseminar on Rebooting Spiritual Practice with Zhenya Amditis

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The spiritual path is one that we walk all the days of our lives, but especially for those of us who have successful spiritual

businesses, it can be easy to forget that we must continue to evolve, to make progress down our paths. In fact, for those of us working with large amounts of spiritual energy, it is imperative that we keep moving in order to maintain a healthy connection with the Divine so we do not harm our clients or ourselves. Each of us, even the most evolved of us, can benefit from a “reboot” in our spiritual practice as a means of refocusing our dedication to our mission, improving our communication with the Divine, and raising our energy. During this workshop, we will explore ways to shake up our routine, including new types of meditation, connecting with new faces of the Divine, and ways to “check in” with our own egos in order to best serve our clients and our Higher Power. All intuitive and energy practitioners are welcome.

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