Dancing in the Rain

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We know dancing is a path to ecstasy. Many religions include dance as a normal part of their religious experience, from whirling dervishes to the dancers at Voudon ceremonies who allow the loa to ride them.



We may have experienced ecstatic dance at an event- whether a gathering with drumming around a fire, or even at a rave, or other modern party. There is something about losing yourself in the music- whether jazz or a walze, that lets you become one with a greater whole, that lifts you from yourself.

It’s well known how doing an activity coordinated with others forges a union with them, whether it’s singing, rowing in crew, or line dancing. When we focus on the group, we join the “hive mind”. This is elevating in a spiritual ritual, (although not so much in a street mob). But even alone, dance can take us out of ourselves- at that moment when we are using our bodies completely, we are also freeing our spirit.

Don’t wait for Changing Times-Changing Worlds. Don’t wait until no one is looking. Don’t wait until there’s plenty of room (although it may be a good idea to make sure there’s nothing breakable around). Dance. Put on some music and let yourself fall into it. Let’s face it, ecstatic dance has been considered a bit dangerous since King Pentheus banned the worship of Dionysus. When you are out of yourself, you are out of control, beyond the restrictions of your feelings about etiquette and embarrassment. This puts you in touch with your child self and your higher self. Let go, and see what happens. If you want to direct the experience, you can put something into it, like joy, or love.


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