Panel Spotlight: How do we use Divination to change the Future?

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I have known too many people who, once they discover that divination can actually predict what’s coming up, go overboard with the cards, or palmistry, or astrology, or whatever system they are using. You’ve probably met people like them. “Everything my psychic told me was true!” seems to get them to feel that they are locked into every fear they had that a psychic confirmed.

But every psychic I know says that their readings tell what is most likely given current conditions, and if those change, the future changes. Isn’t that the point about almost any movie about time travel? Serge Kahili King uses the image of driving. If you are driving and your car is aimed at a tree, you can say “oh, no! I’m going to hit that tree!” or you can turn the wheel and follow the curve of the road! We drive our lives like we drive our cars, we have control over the car- if not the road, the weather, or the traffic. We are still pretty much in control over where the car- or our life- goes.

He also teaches a Huna divination technique (7 colored beads, each representing different energies) and it works well. But, what if you don’t like the reading? What if the symbol for prosperity (or love, or whichever) as fallen far out and away from where you want it to be?  You could say “I guess that’s not in the cards (or beads) for me.” and go forward mourning the life you wish had been predicted. Or, having read everything you can get from that – you reach over, grab that bead, and move it to where you want it to be. This has ceased being divination, and started being magick! You are telling the universe which future you want, and you will look at the new spread- see how all the forces interact- and move forward to make your life what you want it to be.
One of our CTCW speakers, Catherine Kane is a talented and experienced Palmist. She sees palm readings as empowering, and includes advice on how best to deal with both the difficulties and the talents shown in your palm. A cool thing is that when you realize how much control you have, the actual lines on your palm change to reflect the way you now think of your life. Yes, the physical lines change! Cathy has seen this during several readings (I have too, but not as many or as fast as she has.)
In this Panel we are going get people who use different types of divination to share their stories of what they’ve seen and their theories about how it works. We hope we can answer any questions you have, and when you leave you will still be convinced of the utility of divination, but reassured that the future isn’t carved in stone.


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