The fire within us

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Do you use props to spur your magick or manifestation? Do you use incense, candles, a chalice, and other things to cast a circle or make something happen (push the probabilities)? One of the mysteries of the universe is that you won’t always need them. They are great when you are learning to work with the energies of the universe (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), but eventually, you may be able to use the breath of your body for air, your blood for water, the heat of your body or emotions for fire, and your flesh and bones for earth.

We are not taught as children to sense the energies of the world, but once we’ve learned to feel and work with them, we can feel them pulsing all around. Each of us may perceive them in a different way- some see auras, some hear spirits speaking, some feel the subtle differences in wavelengths. It’s cool how many ways different people sense what most people are unaware of. The more we do it, the better we get at it.

There will always be people who have practiced more, who start with more innate ability, which is why we have specialists in the world for everything from plumbing to medicine. It’s OK to get someone to help when you are faced with a task greater than your current abilities. But never doubt that you can be more than you are now, and the first step is simply being aware that it’s possible. But your inner fire, your creativity, your magickal process is yours, and just as there are different ways to doing anything else, you need to explore your inner fire in your way. Other people can help sometimes, but remember, just as you digest your own food, you also create your own magick. Everyone has it in them.

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