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In a couple of weeks I hope to be posting a panels for us all to get excited about. Once we have an assortment of panels up, please go over to the Panel Page and feel free to sign up for any. We also hope people will use the form there to suggest panel topics for us.

One of our great hopes at Changing Times-Changing Worlds is to bring together people with different perspectives so that we can benefit from the experiences of others. A ghost hunter is not going to have had the same experiences as a medium who helps people actively get in touch with their dead loved ones, or a shamanic psychopomp, but by sharing we will know more about what happens after we die.

The first step is coming up with ideas, we love when we get them from attendees, but usually we borrow them from discussions we’ve had with friends, or at events. If you’d be interested in helping us brainstorm, contact us right away, because we hope to have that part done in a few weeks. We post more topics than we think we’ll need, because once people start signing up, we schedule classes when we get three or four panelists. This means that some panels that might be great, don’t get run because no one signed up. So please, don’t be shy. Also, if you don’t want to be a panelist, but REALLY want a topic discussed, contact us so we can make an extra effort to find panelists, or go over to the facebook page and let us know there.  As the panels fill, we’ll start posting them on Fridays.

In previous years we’ve discussed how to talk to our kids about magick, what happens when we die, how to tell the difference between hallucinations and psychic visions- and how to find therapist who won’t automatically assume any vision is a symptom. You can find descriptions of panels from previous conferences in the Archives– if a topic there appeals, let us know, we don’t see any reason not to revisit a topic when there’s interest.

Remember we also have many panels from previous years you can download from our shop.

You don’t need to be an expert or a speaker to be on a panel. Since there are three to five people discussing the topic, you don’t have to speak for an hour or more, you will probably only get five to ten minutes to share your perspective, but also may get to answer questions from the audience and the other panelists. This may be a perfect way for you to find out if being in front of the room is for you.

Do share blog posts with your friends because we’d like to get people from lots of different backgrounds to come and share their perspectives. It’s far to easy when you’ve finally found a group that doesn’t think you’re nuts because you believe in ghosts or energy healing or divination or magick to not look any farther to find others who also believe in those things, but there are a lot of us out there, and once you’ve opened your mind to the possibilities that the “impossible” is actually happening, (a lot) you tend to be more open to other phenomena. It’s so great to  not have to carefully phrase everything so people won’t know that you believe, and you can mention your weird experiences because everyone else around has had them.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference, and hearing from you in the coming months!


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Panel Spotlight: Fate, Destiny, Weird

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Hope you’ll be coming! The conference starts at noon! Day and evening passes (for the concerts) as well as full weekend rates available at the door!

Fate Destiny and Wyrd Panel
The Greeks would ask the Pythia, and the Romans the Sybil to tell them what their fate was, and while she would speak accurately, their words were often misunderstood and those attempting to escape their fate created it. The Norse felt that a man’s wyrd was set, and how he met it was the test of his character, yet a person’s luck could be taken from him and given to someone else. Palmists call the line running from your wrist to your fingers your Fate or Destiny line- but what is Fate/Destiny/Weird? If things aren’t predestined, how does prophesy work? Different Christian denominations consider the variations of the predestination question incredibly important articles of faith. How does your spiritual path (collectively or personally) view destiny?

Come to the Atrium and listen to several of our speakers and guests talking about various issues. (let us know if you’d like to be on a panel, you don’t have to be a speaker, just have something to say about the topic. Let us know with the form below, or come to the facebook group and join the conversation!)

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