Pot Luck Social! Dessert and Tea! Costumes optional!

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This year we are having a social event, a chance to get together and chat with each other between all the workshops, panels, rituals, shopping, readings etc. Won’t it be nice to just relax in an environment where you don’t have to pretend that you don’t believe in magick and psychic phenomena to protect your job, reputation, family, and talk about the supernatural without talking around what you really mean?

Potluck Desserts and Tea

We will have tea and cakes- and tea, we invite you to bring some dessert to share: whatever travels well, cake, cookies, …is there a sweet treat for which you are famous? We’d love to try it.

Any leftovers will go to hospitality.


We have no theme, but wear whatever costume you like: because Halloween!  Wear costumes of gods, ghosts, spirits, your ritual robes,  SCA garb, costumes from other events that may represent wish fulfillment, or spirits of change, whatever you like!

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Mindful Morning MediTEAtion

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Shhhhhh! Mindful Morning MediTEAtion for Non-Morning People

Tea is liquid joy. Join us quietly for a silent meditation facilitated by Gabriella and Akasha’s Heart before our conference begins. If you are a slow waker-upper like we are, you are welcome to join us for mindful tea preparing & consuming. It is understood that many of us do not wish to socialize prior to the comfort & ritual of having our morning tea. There are things we can do to make this ritual a more mindful experience like stirring in our accoutrements using sigils or symbols, stirring deosil or widdershins, and of course choosing a tea has specific herbal properties. During our time together, there will be energetically light information provided on handouts and signs. You are welcome to join us in your pajamas & slippers, but this will be a silent gathering for the morning mopies like us to sink into delicious, comforting tea and not have to engage our brain cells. Akasha’s Journey will provide a variety of teas and sweeteners. You are encouraged to bring your own mug or tea cup.

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