Panel Spotlight: Unusual Tarot Spreads Panel

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Do you read Tarot? Do you use or create spreads? This panel will be sort of a round table discussion- come with questions about how different spreads serve different queries. We will run the panels that fill first.

We may start with one, three or Celtic cross spreads, but as we use Tarot cards for decades, many of us develop different spreads and techniques for different purposes. A panel full of experienced practitioners will probably share many useful and unique spreads. If there’s time we may talk about how one develops a spread for a special purpose.

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Constraint as Discipline

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Sometimes we have a lot fewer options than we’d like to have. Sometimes it’s down to simply survive or not. Other times we just don’t have any options we like, or, as so beautifully depicted in the Eight of Swords Tarot card- we don’t know what our options are, but we’re pretty sure they are all bad, and we aren’t able to do anything anyway.

In a case like this, horrible as it is, our path can become crystal clear: when Houdini was in his water escape tank, I doubt he was worried about how many people were in the audience, or whether he looked good in his costume. His entire focus was on unlocking the locks, and getting out of the trap before he needed to draw a breath.

Some of the situations we get into are powerful “learning opportunities”… that we wish we never had. Looking back, sometimes we are grateful that they happened, or at least grateful for what we learned from them. Certainly, it would be better to have the knowledge and wisdom without the misery. But in the real world, sometimes that’s what it takes to learn the big lessons. Some say only hitting rock bottom makes you decide to do what’s needed to fix your problems.

In this human life, we find ourselves in some pretty bad situations, and have to learn to focus on what we really need, and what we need to do. Assigning blame is pointless, the disaster may be something you set up for yourself when you incarnated, it may be the natural result of some bad decision you made earlier, or it could be that you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, and simply have to learn to deal with that. When the same sort of things happens over and over, it seems more likely that this is a “cosmic clue-by-four” trying to teach you something.

I am reminded of when we first meet the character Chaucer in the movie A Knight’s Tale. The down-on-their-luck heroes are surprised to meet someone in worse shape walking along the road, stark naked. They ask him what he’s doing. He responds: “Trudging. You know, To Trudge? The slow, weary, depressing, yet determined walk of a man who has nothing left in his life except the impulse to simply soldier on.”  

never say that!

The lesson may not be deep, but simply to survive long enough for the next opportunity to improve the situation. We can be beaten by it, or we can survive, and move on. At least it’s hard for it to get worse at that point. (I know- never say that! The gods sometimes have a weird sense of humor.) We may not have consciously manifested this lesson, we may not enjoy it, it may not be part of our “life’s plan”, but we can learn from it.

If you were literally in the 8 of swords, what would you do? Try to cut your bonds with the sword to which you were tied? Call for help? In times of disaster, sometimes all you can do is try to figure out one thing to change to move out of the situation. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be tied to a sword, but the images in Tarot convey feelings with which we are all familiar. That’s why we use divination when our brains freeze up and we can’t think of anything else to try. It gives us one more tool to cope. One tiny thing to change. Sometimes asking for help is the thing we really needed to do.

This is part of why we have themes for CTCW, each year it gives us one thing on which we can focus, this year dealing with needs rather than wants, and like so many forms of art, being required to work within those limits often pushes us to discover things we would not have found had we not been forced to work within those limits. We may not like it, but it can be good for us.

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Vendor/Reader Spotlight: Luna Hacker and Heathermoon Enchantments

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Back again this year- Luna Hacker will be reading Tarot (as well as teaching workshops).

Luna Jean runs Heathermoon Enchantments, and as well as doing Tarot & Bone Readings, will bring a sampling of items from her shop including tarot cards, Incense, Smudge, hand-crafted jewelry etc.

Heathermoon Enchantments is a home-based Witchcraft and Conjure Service business. She’s been a practicing Witch for over 20 years, and resides in the picturesque Hudson Valley, NY.

Heathermoon Enchantments offers Authentic Magickal Wares include such items as hand-crafted Conjure Oils, Candles, Mojos, Amulets, Smudge Kits, Magickal & Reiki charged Bath Salts and Ritual Waters; as well as high quality Herbs & Curios, to name just a few.
Luna Makes Enchanted Jewelry such as Earrings & Bracelets that make great gifts. All these items created by Luna are made during the correct moon phase and
are charged in love and light in Sacred Ritual Space.

Check out her website and call to make sure that she’ll be bringing the stuff you are hoping to see! www.heathermoonenchantments.com 

Looking for other services or have special needs? Just ask!

You don’t have to wait until November! Luna is a gifted professional psychic who offers Intuitive and Spiritual Psychic readings over the phone, Skype, and in person. She has regular clients from all walks of life who reside all over the world. All readings are kept confidential.

Privacy is important to Heathermoon Enchantments! Your confidence is kept. No information is shared. All purchases, spellwork, readings, and healings are kept confidential.


and Facebook Psychic Luna Hacker

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Shocking Change

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Yup.  Changing Times-Changing Worlds folk who read Tarot and noticed that the theme this year is change may have been thinking about the Tower.

With a name like ours, and a goal to change the world (to make acceptance of the “occult” but natural parts of it more accepted), why did it take us 9 years to actually have change for a theme? Part of it may be that it was already covered by our basic goals, and also, it’s a challenging concept. Prosperity, Joy, Healing, those are more likely to attract people.

Change can be unpleasant. And yet as those who read Tarot know, sometimes even the most catastrophic change is ultimately good for you, even if initially painful. It gets you out of old patterns that may not serve, it frees you from old restrictions, it brings new knowledge.

Our family has an expression: “If the gods tap you on the shoulder and clear their throats, you should take the hint, because if you don’t, they will bring out the Cosmic 2×4”. That’s what the Tower is, and indicator that you’ve been ignoring all the prophecies, omens, hints, etc. that your guides, ancestors, gods, God, (or whoever helps you) have been sending your way, and they’ve decided you need  the “clue by four” to get you back on the path you should be on. Expect revelation. Also expect a lot of work, because when the old is torn down, there’s rebuilding to do. Oh well.

We’ve spent many years building a base for this conference, this community. It’s time to expand and make whatever changes we need to make to better meet our needs.

Our goals:

To teach effective, practical use of energy work and magick;

To encourage intermediate and advanced work, classes and presentations;

To better grasp the history of esoteric studies and spiritual practices;

To foster communication between the communities who study and practice these.

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Changing leads to progress

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How difficult would it be to get the modern, scientific world to accept the psychic, spiritual, magickal world? That “rational” world is the status quo, and we are at the point of change. The trigger for change is all of us who have had personal experiences with the paranormal and wind ourselves trying to get that accepted by others. When the whole system is set up to deny and mock those who accept the occult, if you come out for it, you are going to bear the  brunt of the resistance. You will also give hope to others who have also experienced it, and felt safer not admitting it publicly. The more people who come out and say “yes, I’ve seen a ghost”, “yes, dowsing works”, “yes, people have ESP”, “yes, we can communicate with plants” and are willing to come out as accepting supernatural beliefs, the more people will say “That makes so much more sense given my personal experience” (and maybe our ancestors weren’t all foolish to believe in this stuff after all).
Integration will require that many things change in our parent culture. Medicine could go forward with more success, and fewer side effects. We’d stop exploiting the natural resources because we’d respect their consciousness. People will have to find other things to mock in order to feel superior to someone else. (Wouldn’t it be nice if we could skip that!) All of these changes would be hard, but can grow out of simply raising the next generation not telling them what’s impossible.
As the chart shows, once we’ve gotten through Integration, we’ll be working on a higher level. Another way to look at it is that we’ll be ready to negotiate the next change and keep moving, spiraling ever upward.

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