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Spotlight: Rev. Kathleen OBrien

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Kathleen O’Brien, T-Project

Kathleen OBrien is a multi-talented individual.  She is an Author, Astrologist, Psychotherapist, Ordained Interfaith Minister and, a Wiccan Priestess. 

Her degrees include a B.S. in Mathematics, a Masters degree in Social work (LMSW) and a Masters degree in Theology MTh.  Currently she is studying High Magic.

  • As a Mathematician she programmed cockpit displays for fighter aircraft and worked on secret government projects. 
  • Kathleen’s work as a psychotherapist specialized in the LGBT community.  In connection with this she has written papers on what the clinical community should know about the LGBTQ population as well as her thesis: The Seven Biblical Verses Used Against Homosexuality [there are none if the Bible is read correctly].
  • She is researching femininity and Goddess. 
  • She is a Diversity Trainer and an Astrology speaker.
  • As an Ordained Interfaith Minister she presents sermons that are not necessarily typical.

Her work in the metaphysical area for well over a decade brings together ancient religions, psychology, current scientific and philosophical thought with new age and Wiccan religious concepts.  “The more we study, the more we find everything is connected.”

Contact her at: Kath46d@gmail.com

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