Learning Magick from Books of Fiction

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While we’d all love too be taught magick from witches or wizards from great volumes like the Owen’s Book of Shadows in the movie Practical Magic, or the volume in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (minus the disaster unless it comes with the last minute save), the chances are good that you learned whatever you know either from books from Llewellyn, Weiser, or hand-copied from a friend’s hand-copied notebook. OR maybe, like many of us, you picked up techniques from the fantasy and SF books you read. It seemed like it might work, so you tried it, and maybe with a little tweaking it did work. Perhaps not as well as in movies, but many books have some good, solid technique in them. Others can teach us useful things about the supernatural world- while telling a useful story.

As we do on the book panels, I’m going to run through a list of some of the books I’ve found useful over the last half century, and would love if you’d call in with some of your favorites as well. I’ll try to explain just what I like about my favorites, and where I think they shouldn’t be taken too literally.

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