Speaker Spotlight: Jane Sibley

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Jane T. Sibley, one of the founders of CTCW, also created the New England Conference on Mithraic Studies (Mithracon), happening in New Haven this weekend. Jane and Tchipakkan met in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval recreation group, where Jane’s persona is that of a Norsewoman from the pre-Viking period, Arwen ferch Rhys (Tchipakkan’s is an Anglo-Saxon, also from the 7th century). That was where Jane created Auntie Arwen’s Spices, where she sells herbs and herb mixes both culinary and healing. If you can’t wait until the conference check them out on line. In the SCA she worked with Lois Fitzpatrick in the Soothsayer’s Guild, being awarded the Order of the Laurel for historical divination. Among the techniques she shared in this medievalist group were reading runes, casting seeds, and her work in utsetta (oracular seidhr).

She was taught a lot of this by her Norwegian grandmother, and, being an historian, is hesitant to claim that these techniques go back farther than can be documented, these are traditional techniques. Jane passes them along outside the family because they shouldn’t be lost, and none of the next generation has shown interest. Among these is the very intense Norseworking healing ritual, which she’s done for a few years. (If you come, be sure you know how to ground your energy!)

Jane’s degree was in folklore (her PhD in runes), and her work was with an electron microscope- as with much of CTCW, she combines mind and spirit, history and science, healing, divination, myth and humor, each informing our understanding of the others.

Her books, “Norse Mythology…According to Uncle Einar”, “The Hammer of the Smith”, “The Divine Thunderbolt: Missile of the Gods”,  and “A Different Dragon” and The Way of the Wise (Traditional Norse Folk Medicine and Magic.)

See her page here for a list of the classes she’s taught over the years.


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Speaker Spotlight: Maxine Meilleur

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Maxine MeilleurMaxine Meilleur is a NO WOO WOO classically trained Psychic Medium. As Spiritualist since her teens, she studied ministry at Harvard Divinity School and parapsychology at the Rhine Center at Duke. Author of Great Moments of Modern Mediumship, she is an expert in psychical research and the phenomena and pioneers of Spiritualism. Her readings are detailed and useful and her website is

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Taylor Ellwood on Pop Culture Magic on the New Normal

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POP-CULTURE-MAGIC-FRONT-COVER-WEBPlease join Tchipakkan and her guest Taylor Ellwood on the New Normal Wednesday night! He’s back with more exciting stories about his work, this time Pop Culture Magic.
“Have you ever watched a television show, or read a book and been inspired to work magick based on what you’ve seen or read? If you have, you’re not alone in thinking that. More and more people are discovering that the modern mythology of pop culture has answers for their spirituality and approach to magick.
Pop culture is the mythology of our times, offering us a universe full of new gods, stories, practical magickal techniques and a lot more! It is a reflection of the need for magick to change and evolve with the times. With Pop Culture Magick you can take the cartoon characters of today and make them into the elder gods of tomorrow.
In his book you will learn how to:
Create Pop Culture godforms and entities
Invoke yourself into a godform or a person
Integrate pop culture into existing magickal paradigms
Charge sigils by playing video games
And much, much more!

taylor elwood_I’m Taylor Ellwood. I’m a mad scientist, magical experimenter and a publisher of cutting edge esoteric books. I’m always developing new systems of magic, combining various magical practices and techniques with other disciplines and practices. I also teach classes on magic, provide tarot readings, and offer one-on-one magical apprenticeships for anyone looking to expand their spiritual horizons and change the way they understand practice magic. Oh and did I mention I’m also a business/author coach.
I have a broad and extensive background in both Western and Eastern esoteric practices including Taoism, Dzogchen, Chaos magic, neoshamanism, Hermeticism, Quabalah, and so on and so forth. But I’m interested in more than just the esoteric traditions and because I believe in living a holistic life, I think its important to apply everything I know to my spiritual practices (and vice versa) so you won’t just find me exploring magic, but also business, science, literacy, and other topics, in order to apply all of them to each other and as a result experiment with what I can do as a magician and a human being. If that appeals to you, then this site is for you and I look forward to working with you. Learn more about my approach to teaching magic.
– See more at:
and don’t miss his fb pages including Pop Culture Magick, because one hour is not enough!

Please call in to our live show with any stories or questions: 619-639-4606

To listen live: open a window on your computer to, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen. To listen later at your convenience, shows are archived by date on here, and they’re organized by date, topic and guest on .

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Jeffrey Cerneson: Cunning man, Author, Poet, Pharmakeute on New Normal

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James ‘Cunning’ Murrell, shoemaker, and cunningman, grabbing the devil by the tail by artist David Hurrell.

Cunningfolk were the folk healers and magick users who practiced into to the 20th century in many areas. Called wisemen and women, healers, fixers, virtuous ones, some called themselves white witches, while others insisted they were the opposite of witches, helping to counter bad magick with good. Although what they called themselves varied by region and individual, they were definitely magick users. Even in the modern world as scientists distanced themselves from magick, belief continues, since it’s harder to disbelieve when you’ve experienced it.

Jeffrey Cerneson is a modern cunning man from New England who embraces both the modern and ancient world, combining practices from many cultures.

We’ll be talking about what cunning men do these days, so please call in with any questions: 619-639-4606

JEFFREY CERNESON has been wandering the crooked paths of sorcery for nearly 30 years. His journey began after a series of personal and spiritual crises following his involvement in the first Gulf War. His wanderings led him from humble beginnings in Anglo-Saxon traditions to the mountains, temples, and hidden doors of the ancient wisdom of the Wu Shaman of China; those Taoist Sorcerers and Sages who have preserved the old sorcery in their secret martial, healing and spiritual arts. He has been trained as a Daoshi; priest, healer and alchemist, by such teachers as Huo Zhi Lian, Tzu Kuo Shih, and Feng Song, and is accounted a disciple of the Tao. From his wanderings in the Far East, he returned to explore the roots of his own blood and ties to the land of his birth. Being of Abenaki heritage, he undertook an apprenticeship in Native American Medicine ways and healing in exchange for the knowledge he brought from China. There he learned singing medicine, the Medicine of the sweat house and the sacred pipe, and the calling of spirits for healing, power, and balance. As he became a primary singer for an Absaroke Wicasa Wakan (Crow tribe ceremonial leader, and medicine person)., his own medicine grew, as did his yearning for his European heritage. While this training was essential to deeper understanding, it has always been in his own cultural heritage that his heart belonged, so he returned to studies of both his Norman ancestors as well as his Southern French ancestry. He began to re-examine the cunning arts of the Northern peoples on his own. With his newly awakened senses, and comparing what he experienced afar with what has been written and passed down, his wisdom potency and insight have grown beyond what was ever possible for him before those wanderings. Perhaps most important to the integration of all that he has learned, he has studied the Old World Witchery of Southern Europe, and the Etruscans through training and initiation with Raven Grimassi, and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi. He is an initiated member of the Ash, Birch and Willow tradition and as such is a Pharmakeute; spiritual botanist and also a cunning person of the Greenwood who lives in partnership with the green world as the heart of his life.

Starting in May,  Jeffrey is teaching a on-line, 12 month course: TheCunningArtsandtheCraftoftheWise , check it out.


Miss the show? It’s archived here.

To listen live: open a window on your computer to, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen. To listen later at your convenience, shows are archived by date on here, and they’re organized by date, topic and guest on .

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Is Everyone Psychic?

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Please join Tchipakkan and her guest, popular CTCW speaker,  author and psychic, Catherine Kane on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, 8-9 p.m. est.
Cathy writes: (from her blog: foresightyourctpsychic)
“Is everyone psychic? I don’t know. I haven’t met everyone yet, but we’ve got another podcast coming up where we’re going to talk about that.

“We’ll be talking abut psychic abilities- what kind of psychic skills there are, how to know if you’re psychic, ways to build your psychic skills and fun and useful things you can do with them.

“If you close your eyes and concentrate now, I’ll bet that you can catch a glimpse of how much fun this show is going to be!

“Want to catch this interview, call in with your own questions or be part of the live chat happening during every show?

If you just want to listen, you can go to the above site, click the “Listen Live and Chat” listing under the “radio-listen/chat room” heading, and click “LISTEN HERE” next to “the New Normal”.

If you want to chat, you’ll need to go to the top of the home page on the extreme right and click “Join” to set up a personal account (it’s free but takes a few moments, so you might want to do this in advance)”

The call in number is 619-639-4606, and if you’re busy that hour, leave any question you’d like answered here, and catch the answer on the archives. (the link will be posted here too!)

The call in number is 619-639-4606, and if you’re busy that hour, leave any question you’d like answered here, and catch the answer on the archives. (the link will be posted here).

Catherine Kane is a professional psychic, a Reiki Master, a bard, a metaphysical Christian, and a delighted student of the Universe (amongst other things). She brings creativity, an eclectic body of knowledge, and an attitude of fun to empowering people to find and live their best and brightest dreams. Her writing has been seen in magazines such as Thorn, the Door Opener, and Helix; and she is the author of “Adventures in Palmistry” and “The Practical Empath”, “Manifesting Something Better“, “The Lands That Lie Between“, “Magic for Pennies“, and “The Psychic Power of Your Dreams“. Visit her and husband Starwolf online as Foresight (the Information you need for the Adventure of Life) at and

Can’t wait until Wednesday night? (or want more later?) You can also find Foresight on Facebook. Catherine’s Amazon page, and her writing blog.Catherine Kane

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