Starwolf and Magickal Protection on the New Normal

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We’re having our favorite metaphysicist and “Psychic soldier of fortune”, Starwolf back to go over techniques for keeping ourselves safe in “interesting times”. He has over 30 years of experience as a shaman, Wiccan Priest, and metaphysical engineer. As well as being psychic, his engineering attitude leads him to experiment to find techniques that work best, using everything from the innate properties of stones and plants to the natural, but often forgotten, abilities of people.

If you missed the live show, here’s the link to the archive. And we mentioned 4 Thieves Vinegar– the recipe for that is here.

War Water

Currently many of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed by how fast changes are happening, which can leave us feeling apprehensive. Unfortunately, this is likely to attract more chaotic energy. The best way to counter this is to assert control over your own life, step by step. Starwolf will explain how to take some of the first, very practical, effective, and affordable steps to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our immediate environment. Tune in on Wednesday evening, and if you have a question, a question about some specific problem, do call in 619-639-4606 (only during the live broadast 8-9).

We’ve covered this a bit before, we did a show on “Hexbreaking, Uncrossing, Warding and Curse Turning. The REAL Defense Against the Dark Arts” back in 9-16-15, Banishing, 3-13-13, and Techno-magick, magickal tools, warding, and curse lifting, 7-4-2012. And check out links at ForesightyourCTpsychic Practical Living in a Magickal World, where you can get more tips on Warding and other protection.

If you just want to listen (while doing other stuff on your computer), you can open a window on your computer to, click the “Listen Live and Chat” listing under the “radio-listen/chat room” heading, and click “LISTEN HERE” next to “the New Normal”.

If you want to chat, you’ll need to go to the top of the home page on the extreme right and click “Join” to set up a personal account (it’s free but takes a few moments, so you might want to do this in advance) You can ask me questions in the chatroom and I’ll pass them to Starwolf, or if can’t listen live, but have a question, leave a question on the facebook events page. We’ll try to answer it during the show.

If you can’t tune in 8-9, Live archives its shows by date, and I archive them by date, guest, and topic on my website: (although I’m not really caught up).

Hope you can join Starwolf and me Wednesday night from 8-9 at the New Normal on



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