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Lailani is a Healing Facilitator, Spirit Diviner, Espiritista, Magickal Practitioner and

Educator with over 23 years of experience.

As a Diviner, she connects with spirit, spirit guides, past lives, and the subconsciousness

of her clients to assess their current situation and offer practical guidance by

transmitting messages directly from Spirit. Her style is straightforward, yet

compassionate; serious, yet humorous; real, yet unbelievable. In order to establish a

strong connection with the client's Spirit guides, Lailani uses "Tactile Perception" in her


Lailani formulates oils, waters and powders as well as various other magickal products

for her clients through her small business, The Magickal Solution. She assists and

supports her community's spiritual growth by offering a wide range of services, such as:

* Tarot and other forms of Divination

* Blessings/Cleansings/Reiki Healings

* Chakra/Aura Clearing

* Aromatherapy/Perfumery/ Fumigation

* Customized Enchanted items upon request.

Her full-time job is as a Sexual Health Educator for a non-for profit organization that

serves students in high-risk areas throughout the state of New York. Prior to that, she

had over 11 years of experience working in the Mental Health field as an advocate for

special needs individuals.

Lailani's passion is to serve others, and she has always gone through life with the

intention of using all of her gifts and abilities to help people attain peace and happiness.

Perhaps the modality through which Lailani's commitment to service shines brightest is

through education. Contributing to the advancement and preservation of knowledge –

whether it be as a teacher to others or in her own journey as a lifelong student – has been a constant theme in her life.

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