Speaker Spotlight: the Loonwitch

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The LoonWitch got her start at a young age working with a natural divination form called augury. Though she was too young at the time to understand what she was doing, it helped to hear validation from friends and neighbors when her predictions would come true. 

She started working with The Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling cards around age 12 and progressed to the Tarot around age 18 as a more serious student. 

These days the LoonWitch is a student of life, and a teacher of many subjects. She is an internationally known psychic balancing her passion with the need for a corporate job 
and time for her family.

You can find the LoonWitch offering her special brand of insight around The World!

The LoonWitch offers the following types of readings:

-Tarot (general or specialty spreads)
** Readings
*** Your Name in Runes
-Aura Photography
Check out her website :

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