Sometimes what we need is not pleasant, but it’s OK

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(Brought to you by “Platitude of the week”)

We go through some tough times and often see no benefit. We could feel better about it if we knew it was helping us, or even someone else, but sometimes the garbage the happens seems so pointless!

I know from doing divination, sometimes you do a good reading but you don’t know until later, sometimes much later, when what was predicted finally unfolds. Sometimes we cannot see that there can possibly be any value the frustration, pain, and loss. Sometimes we watch as those who seem to be morally bankrupt prosper, while the good are crushed. We may have faith that Karma will come around and each will get what they deserve. On the other hand, sometimes you can’t help thinking “I know it’s going to happen, but can’t I please get to watch when it does?”

This is where faith comes in. A solid belief that eventually it will come out right can get us through some of the hard times. When you are in that ‘perfect storm’, it can be hard to recognize that this may be setting you up for something good later. Sometimes I’ve got that faith, sometimes I don’t. In my heart I know I can learn from anything, turn it around, but sometimes I’m “treading water too hard” to remember that. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone.

The only advice I have is that trying to remind someone who’s going through it usually doesn’t help. We have to know it, to feel it for ourselves. The best thing we can do for friends is reassure them “it’s not your fault”, “sometimes stuff happens”, and “I’m with you”. Platitudes, while ultimately true, can make people want to lash out when they’re in the middle of it.

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