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Panels 2012aurora_borealis_by_bluehog

Ancestor Panel 2012    Kathryn Smith

34 minutes partial

Death Ritual Panel 2012

Elders Panel

End of Life/ Death Panel

Happy Squirrel Panel

Healing Panel

House Sharers Panel: elves, ghosts and others who share our homes

Leylines and energy pools Panel

Mentors and Teachers Panel

Mythology- new myths for the modern world panel

New Age Radio shows panel

Otherkin Panel 2012

Starwolf, Larry Obern, Artemis Dancingwolf

Spiritual Crafting Panel

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Workshops 2012

Ancestors in Norse and Sámi TraditionsJane Sibley

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Ancestors of Spirit– Kathryn Smith

Bardic Circle 2012

Deathwork and Animal Companions- Kathryn Smith

Break Down Blocks with E.F.T. …  – Catherine Kane

Essential Oils – Colleen McCartney

(Introduction to) Flower Essence Counseling – Ellen Evert Hopman

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Honoring the Moments– Laura Wildman Hanlon

Making Kitchen Medicines – Ellen Evert Hopman

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Lien and Obligation – Robert Nolan

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Little Manifestations – Catherine Kane

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Medieval Dagger – Sir Christian Tobler

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Meeting the Handmaidens of Frigga – Linda Demissy

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The Mighty Dead in Norse Tradition – Jane Sibley

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Nine Sisters: Gods and Goddesses of the Northern Seas – Raven Kaldera 2012 54 minutes

Not your Grandmother’s Tarot Deck – Sew Magickal

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Old Laws in a Modern World– Robert Nolan

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The Other Kind – Spawn the Supreme Being Larry Obern

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Pentagrams – Kathleen N’Astarte

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The Practical Empath… Empathy 101– Catherine Kane

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The Practical Necronomicon: From work of fiction to magickal path – Starwolf

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Role Playing Games as Worship– Spawn the Supreme Being/ Larry Obern

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Introduction to Runes– Tchipakkan

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Introduction to RúnValdr – Tchipakkan

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Sacred Meat And Leather: Being A Spiritual Omnivore – Raven Kaldera

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Soul Fusion – Sue McIntosh, M.D.

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Spirit Suppers by Linda Demissy of Lokabrenna Kindred

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Symbolism in Selohaar Ceremony – Lady Maureen Chalmers

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Talking To The Spirits: Getting Better Signal Clarity– Raven Kaldera

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Trance Tips from a Hypnotist – Linda DeMissy

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Tree Medicine Tree Magic – Ellen Evert Hopman

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Tricksters: Essence of Change – Coyote SkyWoman

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Wards and Barriers– Larry Obern

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Aurora-borealis_andoyaPanels 2011



The Healers Choice: the Ethics of removing blocks 2011

Kirk White,     53 minutes

Can you read for yourself? panel 2011

Cathy Kane, Shale Rune, Adam Latin, Lois Fitzpatric     1 hour

When Others Fear Us panel 2011

Larry (spawn) Obern, Melody, Kathryn Smith, EmraldeKat   54 minutes

Crossing the Veil: Preparation for Death panel 2011

Jane Sibley, Seanara Coyote, Kathryn Smith 54 minutes

Embracing the Dark Panel 2011

Otherworld contacts: Guides, angels, ancestors, totems

Offerings for today’s practitioner

Healing the Healer

Modern Shamanism

Indigeny, Paganism and Social Change

Teaching Children About Energy Work/Magick Panel

How to ask the right question– the key to divination

Workshops 2011

All about Water –Aime “Trent” Millet

Alternative methods and tools for working within the Chakra – Gaia and Shale Rune

(1 hour)

The Art and Science of Dowsing– Carol Gadercarol gader

  (one hour)

Aspects of Living at a Goddess Temple – Trent Millet

Basic Hindu Mantras– Adam Latin

Body Heal Thyself- Ron Oplinus

male_female young_oldBody Congruence– Joshua Tenpenny

Boundaries, Balance and Nurturing Yourself  – Catherine Kane

Diagnostic Skills for Energy Healers – Kirk White

Dowsing Your Health – Carol Gader

(2 ½ hour class).

Elemental Herbal Energetics – Raven Kaldera

Energy and Healing the Quaker Way- Friend Honour Horne-Jaruk

Ethics – Kathleen Egbert

         54 min

Five Minute Meditation – Mindfulness and the Mind/Body Connection For Busy People – Catherine Kane

Gifts for the Divine: The Art Of Making Offerings– Raven Kaldera

Ground, Center, and Shield, Advanced Techniques  – Larry Obern

Hexbreaking, Uncrossing and Curse Turning – Starwolf 

Independent Pagan Publishing – Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny

Heathens. Stepanovskoye, 30 km from Moscow, Russia. September 24, 2005.
Heathens. Stepanovskoye, 30 km from Moscow, Russia. September 24, 2005.

Lessons in Ritual Triage or “How to Avoid the Ford Pinto Ritual” – Kirk White

Magical Healing for Chronic Illnesses– Morgan Daimler

Midwifery & Giving Birth using Traditional Norse Folk/Magic Medicine – Jane Sibley

[1 hour]

Myth as a Source of Inspiration– Pastor Phil Wyman

Nightmares and Demons – Larry Obern

Nine Maidens: Healing Goddesses of the North– Raven Kaldera

Palmistry as aid to communication and expressing love– Adam Latin

Catherine Kane

The Practical Empath – Empathy 101 – Catherine Kane

Personal Gnosis: Judging the Spiritual Experience – Raven Kaldera

Psychic EMT – Larry Obern

RunValdr, Introduction and attunement– Tchipakkan


RunValdr, more techniques and practice – Tchipakkan

The Sacred Feminine in the Bible– Andrew Cort

Scottish Fairy Lore– Ellen Evert HopmanEllen snow queen 2

The Shadow of Death– Morgan Daimler

Surviving Your Christian Relatives- Pastor Phil Wyman

Tarot as a Gateway to Non-Ordinary Reality -Seanara Coyote

(75-90 minutes)

Christian ToblerThe Three and the Four: Selohaar, Swordsmanship, and the Seven Liberal Arts – Christian Tobler

The Torah and Gospels as Rites of Initiation – Dr. Andrew Cort   (spiritual initiation)

Tree Medicine and Magic – Ellen Evert Hopman

Under Airmed’s Cloak: Healing with the Celtic Gods – Morgan DaimlerMorgan-Daimler2

The Underlying Unity of Religion –   Dr. Andrew Cort

Vibrational and Dimensional Aspects of Healing– Darrell Brann

(2 hours)

Walking the Red Road: Basic Native American Indian Ceremony– Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Warding– StarwolfStarwolf shaman

The Wise Tradition in Scandinavia– Jane Sibley

. [1 hour]

Your Roadmap to Health and Well-being – Selina Rifkin

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