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Benefits of Work Study

We need volunteers to help run the conference. If you sign up when you register, you can get a discount of $5 off your registration for each hour you help. 15 hours (half the conference) will  get you in free.

At the conference, for every hour you volunteer you will receive a ticket for the raffle prizes. Drawings will be held at 1 & 7 each day (at the end of lunch and dinner).

Or you can get a regular registration, help for 15 hours, and earn free registration for next year.

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There are different types of volunteer opportunities. Here are general descriptions.


Volunteers are needed to provide general support and help the conference run smoothly. You may be called upon to: open/close the conference and vendor rooms; act as a liaison to presenters and vendors; deliver/pick up equipment/supplies; set-up/breakdown; monitor crowd flow and check for badges, and provide general support as needed.


The Hospitality Room is seeking volunteers to act as host to conference participants who would like to hang out, have a snack or find information about all of the great classes going on. Volunteers would fill up snack bowls, keep the room tidy, provide information on classes and scheduling, and act as a liaison for event staff.

To offer your services as a volunteer, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator.


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What Available Spots
Friday Evening Setup #1: Sarah L.
#2: Sarah L.
Saturday Morning #1: Celia Z.
Saturday Afternoon #1: Cheryl M.
Saturday Evening #1: Cheryl M.
#2: Cheryl M.
Sunday Morning #1: Cheryl M.
Sunday Breakdown #1: Sarah L.
#2: Sarah L.
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